Today's celestial event asks us to take pause in order to experience something that is so out of our ordinary lives.

If you're along the path of totality, for up to 2 minutes, you'll experience darkness in the day time, with the sky showing us stars and planets we wouldn't normally be able to see.

Regardless of whether or not you literally experience today's eclipse, let us all figuratively and emotionally face our individual darkness.

The world is in flux with craziness and irrationality, sparked, no doubt as everything is sparked, by fear of the unknown, fear of failure, fear of change.

The fear we harbour in our darkest parts can often overshadow our highest purpose, our sense of self, and a more holistic (or even rational) view of our place in the cosmos. We cast this shadow onto others, onto our projections of the future, allowing it to taint the lens through which we move through the world on a daily basis.

Let us all take a moment to pause today and welcome in the opportunity to reset, to shed off our shadowy beliefs, to move forward with the collective good in mind, and our personal place in the world relativized to the awe-some vastness of the cosmos.

We are all spinning through time and space together, let's enjoy the ride with light in our hearts, and the juicy fruits of consciousness in our bellies.