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Question for the month: What's your True North? 

And, who/what can help you get there?

This month we have the energy of two very special cards, delivered to you straight from the Universe, to help guide you through the melty August heat.

(Last August we created some very groovy iPhone wallpapers featuring a mantra for each of the zodiac signs. Click here to view them, and download your own, or all of them!)

The Star is a magical card asking, pleading, begging for you to feel hope

With that in mind, consider for the moment: What’s your “True North?”

Take a moment to think about the essence of your motivation that’s guiding you towards literally everything you do. What is that essence? What's at the core of that which drives you?

This is not just what you hope to do, but also, and perhaps more so, what you know you must do.

It’s not a matter of 'easy' or 'difficult,' but instead, truth.

Do you know what your truth is?

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The Three of Pentacles is one of three cards in the 78 card deck that focus on the group.

In this card we see three figures: a young architect sharing his plans for improvements to a cathedral with two of the older, highly experienced monks who have spent their lives in this place. His new, highly-technical, carefully calculated plans are important and valid, but they lack the foresight and larger world perspective that only these monks with their years of experience can know. Their collective willingness/openness to engage in productive discussion improves the end result.

The card talks about the sharing of knowledge and expertise, and the seeking out of mentorship and review from experts in order to attain a greater collective good than either party would be able to achieve individually.

For the Star to be pulled in combination with the Three of Pentacles suggests that not only do you not necessarily have all the resources required to achieve your True North, but you don’t have the personal energy to do so either. (This is not a bad thing)

Remember: You. Contain. The. Universe.

You contain the Universe! But you are not the world. You are not the beginning and end of the material realm, but rather just one speck of dust, different, yet unique to every other speck of dust that ever was and ever will be.

Why is this so difficult to comprehend? Why does it hurt so much? Why do things move so goddamn slowly on the level of forms, if we know exactly what we want?

Because what we want and what we need are not the same things.

And as soon as you know that what you need is nothing, and harbouring feelings of want aren’t helpful, perhaps your True North changes.

Perhaps this month the Universe is asking - begging - you to consider what it is that you really need, what it is that keeps you up at night, what it is that, at the core, is the lifeblood that keeps you going... and then offers you the opportunity to find out who you need to meet, where you need to go, what you need to do to get you there.

You've got it, kitty. You always have, and always will.


(Last August we created some very groovy iPhone wallpapers featuring a mantra for each of the zodiac signs. Click here to view them, and download your own, or all of them!)