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September is going to be a time of re-establishing routine/order after a loosey-goosey summer season (surprise, surprise).

This month it's vital to say a hard no to temptation in order to re-establish new, better, routines.

Pulling the Death and Devil cards as messages from the Universe for September point to: sweeping change (transition) and dealing with the bondage of your material vices.

Starting with the energy of The Devil, this deeply symbolic image represents everything to do with temptation and giving into our base tendencies.

If you look closely at the card, you'll see that the shackles around Adam and Eve hang loose around their necks and they could easily free themselves.

"Let go or be dragged" – Zen Proverb

If you found yourself enjoying vice this summer, now is perhaps the time to test sobriety, cut out processed foods, get on a regular sleeping schedule, reduce screen time, and so forth, in order to experience what could be.

Everyone has their thing, whether it be substances, shopping, pleasure-seeking or gossip, and even if you're not at the point where it's created an imbalance in your life, now is the time to pull back drastically in order to live more fully.

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Death brings with him sweeping change (though rarely an actual death).

You can reject this message and continue partying/inactivity/lusty times, but you will only be delaying your change - the change the Universe wants to badly for you because it knows that that's what you want in your heart of hearts. 

Both cards are lusty, highly charged, pointed in their energy.

Every one of us has a goal we haven’t gotten to yet for one reason or another. This month are you willing to consider every single moment of your day, and whether your time and energy is helping or hindering you towards achieving your highest purpose?

Do your vices control you? Or do you control your vices? 

Is there the possibility of having “control” when it comes to vice?

Let the symbol of “Death” and the “Devil” be prominent in your mind and energy when making decisions this month.

Don’t be tempted by quick fixes, fake friends, deep discounts, or consciousness-lowering. 

Instead meditate on the impermanent nature of reality and allow that beautiful knowledge to help you move forward with light and love.

"New beginnings are often disguised as painful endings." – Lao Tzu