the kitten life, chloe cotter, nicole aimee durocher

N: Woah… everything is covered in snow.

C: Like, actual snow? [laughs]

N: Two hours ago we couldn’t even see the skyline. There was nothing, it was all in fog. And now it’s really beautiful. It’s such a beautiful day today.

C: They’re like fluffy, marshmallow, sugar mountains. 

What do you think the meaning of… 

[both laugh]

What do you think the meaning of life is?

N: Do you think it’s forgivable that when I asked [puppy dog number 78291] that question, he said ‘nothing’?

C: I feel like a lot of boys answer with that though. A lot of people answer that.

N: Could you ever be with someone who says nothing when you asked them that?

C: No. 

N: I mean, there are lots of things that I don’t believe in, but… 

C: I think that it’s more about, can they even have the conversation? Do they want to have the conversation? That was just a conversation ender. NOTHING.

N: Such a conversation ender. But like, why are you still texting me? When we could be partying like this, when we are, so… Why are you telling me that nothing is the meaning of life?

C: And it's SO easy right? Nothing heavy. That's kind of making it heavy, you know? Or just denying that... Making it heavy by denying that it's all light. It's all just a dream. But not nothing

N: Whatever, though. Puppy dogs.