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The beginning of Spring is a magical time of year. The cherry blossoms, magnolias, tulips, crocuses have emerged from their wintery slumber seemingly all at once, and the landscape is transformed with colour. 

For this month's April astrology here on The Kitten Life, we've turned to the botanical world to help you harness the energy brought to you by the Universe through the Tarot cards we pulled for you. No matter where The Path takes you this month, be grateful for the renewed cycle. 

In the right conditions - sunlight, water, clean air - plants will not be self-sabotaging. They will push, push, push themselves to grow taller and thrive, taking advantage of their environment aligning in the most perfect way to facilitate their growth. Hey Astro Kitty, if you're like us, often we sabotage ourselves by rejecting the perfect opportunities in our lives, over-thinking, overanalyzing the situation and convincing ourselves that now is not the time. The Universe's message for all of you is always framed with practical advice for you to use to get that extra push you might need to make whatever it is in your hearts of hearts a reality. But always remember; your day to day life only matters on the level of bringing love and joy and peace into everything you do, no matter what that is. Everything dissolves, everything dies, the meaning of life is formed around the energy you bring to the time you spend in this form. 

Aries (March 22 to April 20 ) - Nine of Pentacles

This month you pulled the Nine of Pentacles bringing you joyful, heavenly abundance. This month there will be no need to stress about working for your pentacles! There’ll be pentacles all over the place for you, Aries-Kitty! Don’t be afraid to splurge or indulge. Nine-cards mean that you’re very close to completion of the cycle but not yet at the “10,” so have faith that whatever you’re doing is working! The lessons you learned last month about finding emotional balance by sharing something deep and beautiful with someone/something is making your life more fulfilling in all aspects, including the material. You don’t have to give up on your dreams of material success, or push aside your natural tendency to put yourself above all else - it’s a matter of making your emotional endeavours and connections with other people a more important aspect of your life.

Olive trees signified abundance to the people of the mediterranean and near east: prosperity, peace, taking the time to enjoy living well. Extend out an olive branch and invite others to share your success over a beautiful meal, bottle of wine, or around the campfire.

Taurus (April 22 to May 20) - Eight of Pentacles

This month the Eight of Pentacles is about hard work and applying yourself fully, down to the last detail; perseverance and individual initiative as opposed to luck or the generosity of others. The tried and tested path is your tendency as a Taurus, so keep persevering with the diligent effort you’re known for and it will yield results. Last month the energy of the Universe helped you feel very confident about your position, this month you received a similar message with the added push for you to keep going, chip, chip, chipping away at your goal. A word of caution: Being too detail oriented you might lose track of the bigger picture. Details are incredibly important, but not the end game.

In trying to balance the work in front of you, focus on exercise and on getting rest. if you have trouble calming your body and mind or experience pain when moving your body, Valerian root is a natural pain reliever and is used in the reduction of insomnia. It should be avoided when drinking alcohol, and of course as with all of our information regarding medicinal plants, consult a physician before use. 

Gemini (May 21 to June 21) - The Tower

Last month you were experiencing anxiety about something/someone and the moon was casting a shadow, you weren’t sure you liked the things that were hidden from your sight. This month it looks like all of your fears will be revealed as a major part of your life or ideological structures is going to be uprooted in a single uncomfortable explosion. The Tower is about a sudden change, disruption, crash, but also about revelation, releasing and having the truth revealed. 

But take a moment to think, Gemini, even if everything in your world fell apart, why would it feel bad to you? Why would it be heavy? Analyze what areas of your life you put tremendous emphasis on in relation to your identity/meaning and why you put so much energy and emphasis on it/them. Nothing creates your identity other than your essence! Perhaps your tendency to be a fast talker but not always talking your truth has lead you to forming false relationships on false pretences which are now crumbling under their shakey foundation. This Tower-crash might be just the thing to give you a fresh start!

Take a long hot bath - imagine you are reverting to an embryo in the womb! Aloe vera gets rid of dead cells, and in pure form, could be mixed with coconut oil, orange oil and coffee grounds as a scrub for your newborn skin. Release, let go, move forward.

Cancer (June 22 to July 22) - King of Swords

The pointed, ethical, straight-forward, action-oriented energy of the King of Swords will be colouring your month, Moonchild. No lollygagging! No dilly dallying! You’ve persevered through the dislodgment of last month so act act act. Don’t be on the fence, don’t be watery. Cancer people are emotional and sensitive, so find a place for your tendency in the world instead of pushing it aside/repress it but be logical about it. Don’t let yourself erupt in a puddle of tears if things get difficult or the people around you seem harsh - tap into this King’s steady energy and be practical according to the situation. 

Take a cue from calluna, commonly called heather. It is tolerant of grazing and even of burning, and will regenerate. Interestingly it was disliked fervently for its association with poverty because it grew in the less manicured parts of town. The lesson the Celts associated with calluna is that you are always accountable for your actions, and that revelling in emotions, pleasure, sensuality comes after you've taken steps towards your goal. Balance must exist between self-expression and self-control for you to truly enjoy the fruits of your labour. 

Leo (July 23 to August 22) - Ten of Swords

Here are some words evoked by the 10 of swords card; Melodrama, martyrdom, needless suffering… Are you being a Melodramatic Melanie? You’ve pulled three 10 cards in a row this year! 10 cards signify the end of a journey, the completion of a lesson, but clearly the lesson is not being learned, my sunshiney Leo friend! The Universe is jostling you have a little laugh about how tough you’ve been taking everything lately, and urging you to take a step back, find the lightness in whatever it is you’re doing, and then follow it through to completion with that same lightness - making it heavy, putting on the melodrama, regardless of how difficult your situations may be, is only going to keep you stuck. 

Delphinium is a flower which symbolizes abundance, light-heartedness and levity (laughter); Leo people are said to have large infectious laughs. Fill your home with flowers and plants as a gentle, visual reminder of your place in the bigger scheme of things, and how everything is eventually achieved in nature no matter how hard you struggle. 

Virgo (August 23 to September 22) - Page of Cups

Last month's page card brought you an opening/opportunity for creative growth. This month’s page card brings you new beginnings and opportunities for love. Pages represent some sort of beginning or renewal, and since Virgo people tend to be rigid and ordered, the pages you’ve been pulling have been urging you to be a little more loosey-goosey. Be loving! Look upon every person, every opportunity, every day with an open heart. You don't have to be, of course! but if we always do what we always did, we'll always get what we always have.

Take your cue from any number of wildflowers who grow spontaneously; for instance foxgloves which grow in woodlands all over the world and surprise with their stately flowers and shocking colour. When’s the last time you walked through an open field, the sun warming your skin and rejuvenating your soul? With the beginning of spring, take advantage of one of the many beautiful days to get out into nature and let the universe gently open you up to possibility. 

Libra (September 23 - October 22) - King of Wands

You’ve cut yourself free of your cage of swords and now you’re leading with bold, enthusiastic energy. Take creative actions now that you got over the hump of last month of being shackled. Libra people are charming, just, charismatic, but perhaps a little selfish and lazy. The energy of this card affirms that you are clearly the master of your realm, but be mindful of whether your action is leading towards something positive and moving the greater good forward rather than action for action's sake which may be your natural tendency. 

Aspen (of the genus Populus) grow in colonies and have a long-lived, connected root system. There is a colony of American aspen in Utah called "Pando" meaning "I Spread" (Latin) which is thought to be 80,000 years old, one of the world's oldest living organisms. In other words, we all rely on each other, use the remarkable power at your disposal to help others. 

Scorpio (October 23 to November 21) - Ace of Cups

Scorpio people show affection through food and sex and this month you pulled the card that holds the possibility for feelings, intimacy, intuition and love. You’re not good at showing your true feelings or sharing your deepest desires. But do you like being closed off and having to deal with heavy situations or deep/dark feelings yourself? Maybe not. This card tells you that an opportunity is coming, an opening for sharing and loving and trusting your feelings and following that regardless of how uncomfortable that might make you at first.

Freesia, native from Kenya to South Africa, symbolizes trust. It is sometimes found in wedding bouquets.  Freesia has a passionate (both physical, mental and emotional) energy that inspires friendship, selflessness and obligation, but always grounded in trust. You can find freesia in oils, candles, soaps, shampoos, can be used to clear your head and seek out the most important, essence of a situation. 

Sagittarius (November 22 to December 21) - Two of Pentacles

Last month the High Priestess showed you that it’s alright to not have all the answers; to have faith that a higher power does, and that your time here is cushioned by love. The two of pentacles brings you the energy of having fun with balance and being and existing with all the ups and downs and different things you have to juggle in your daily life. You’re very pointed and direct and logical and blunt (often to the point of upsetting others) - balance is about knowing all about the different ways of getting to the end of a journey, and being happy with your way while supporting others with theirs. Just as much as you need balance, so do others! Balance extends past your immediate reality.

Lemon Balm can be drank as a tea or used as a balm to soothe anxiety, tension, nervousness and help ground you. It can help to balance your karma and achieve spiritual growth. The High Priestess's message for you last month should not be forgotten as you move forward to enjoying everyday in every way, relaxing into the fun of the ups and downs, and not taking anything too seriously.

Capricorn (December 22 to January 20) - Page of Pentacles

Last month we urged you to step outside your straightforward, stubborn and pessimistic nature and embrace the waviness of life. It looks like you made some effort and as a result a auspicious opening is appearing in the same realm (pentacles = material wealth, abundance, security) and with your stable, focused, disciplined nature, if you act on it and move forward with action, you’ll not only find success, but you’ll enjoy the hell out of every minute, emotionally, mentally and physically. You have the ability to get things done, so the Universe has no doubt that you’ll seize the opportunity and make the most of it. We’re just here to tell you that what’s coming is very, very real - do not underestimate anything.

Chamomile is a plant associated with the sun, bringing you energy and wisdom, as well as peacefulness and relaxation; the perfect space between the two sides of the spectrum you should seek to attain this month. Drink chamomile tea, grow it in your garden, or use its image to meditate upon. In all your days of pointed action, come back to chamomile at night to ground yourself emotionally, mentally and physically in calm, peacefulness. 

Aquarius (January 21 to February 18) - Six of Wands

Aquarius people are unbiased, scientifically-minded, leaders, who love breaking the mould. The six of wands is a card of triumph, success, winning! Take note of the underlying message that putting too much thought and identity into what it means on the ego-level to be a winner, overshadows the fact that success is not a purely individual feat - think about the many people, situations and environments that have contributed to your success. You being an extremist perhaps shadows this positive omen with a negative message. But the key is to ground yourself in the message, both positive and negative, and in the moments of the most heat - the top of winning and the depth of losing - to turn back to the knowledge that everything is ephemeral and the key is to be on the path of good. 

Bay leaves come from the Laurel - the ultimate symbol of success placed upon the heads of the highest achievers in times past. But just as the green of the laurel fades with time, as does success. Write your wishes on bay leaves and burn them to make them come true. Keep them close at hand, worn in an amulet or pressed between the pages of the book you're currently reading, to protect you and keep you grounded in your fame, glory and success. 

Pisces (February 19 - March 20) - Queen of Swords

The Queen of Swords is experienced, intelligent and honest. She’s been places and seen things that would make even the strongest person crack under the stress and strain and pain, but she takes it all in stride and uses the lessons to keep going moving forward on the highest path of self-actualization. Relying on your intuition tempered by your experiences of the past is good and smart, but don’t block out new things just because you’re so focused on past experiences. She’s someone who doesn’t give you any misleading rhetoric about what she’s doing or what she’s about. Your experience shouldn’t make you jaded, just able to speak your mind and go into new situations with experience and knowledge, but still with the openness that everyone is trying their best. 

Angelica is used for healing and protection. Grow this plant in your garden, or keep a sprig or two in your bag to call upon as a protective symbol when faced with a situation that you may want to close yourself off from from fear of past experiences. Find the space between intuition and fear, let Angelica be your strength to give everything a chance, but also to ground you in making the decision to walk away.