We pulled this month’s tarot cards on the day of the full moon in February. Channelling our energy into the tarot, we asked the Universe for a message to guide each of the 12 signs this month. 

Gems, crystals and other earthly stones have energetic properties that can help with healing, chakra alignment, releasing mental or physical blocks, facilitating the flow of energy in the body, as well as many other benefits. Crystals transmit, reflect, store light and receive energy at different rates depending on their geometric form, colour and vibrational frequency. The connection between humans and gems manifests in different ways; powders, elixirs, worn as jewelry, or placed directly on the body in healing rituals are some of the ways we can use gemstones to help heal or empower us. 

This month, we chose a gem that best embodied where your tarot card and sign intersected to help you channel what the Universe’s message is for you. 

Check out our instagram feed for a visual created by Nico on your chosen stone. 

Aries - the two of cups ; Bring the energy of gratitude from last month forward to merge your whole self with another. This “other” can be an idea, a group, another person, a lover. The beginning of the year was about yourself and meditating on your place in the world. This month, turn that focus outwards to one other entity, whether it be an idea or a person. But remain focused on the openness and eternal nature of the world - do not create an exclusive gap between that and your chosen focus.  

Rhodonite; “The stone of love.” If you're going to have a positive union with another person, you need to be grounded in giving and receiving love; a love for humanity, the earth, the spiritual realm. 

Taurus - the queen of wands ; You pulled a similar card to last month; confidence, being in an assured position. A heightened sense of independence and attractiveness; you want to be going and doing. The Universe is sending you very warm, very bright, very illuminated energy and if you continue cultivating it, nothing will be able to bring you down. 

Sunstone; With its bright and joyful energy, sunstone is known for its connection to the power of the sun. If you feel abandoned, discouraged or stuck, sunstone encourages motivation and positive action. 

Gemini - the moon ; Having anxiety/feeling anxious. In the night sky, the moon is our light source, though not as bright as the sun. It illuminates selectively, leaving much not to be seen. You have a tendency to scatter your energy, especially when you feel restless or not at ease, putting out many different frantic actions to displace your anxiety. Instead, the Universe is telling you to have faith and trust in your intuition even if you don’t know or are anxious about what’s going to happen. 

Chrysocolla; Peaceful stone that soothes stress. Connects with the Throat Chakra to create the conscious flow of words to find the voice that may have been taken away from you by fear. Wear this stone to help calm your emotions and you'll find that you can face challenges and changes with ease.

Cancer - the five of cups ; The five of cups is a warning to not feel it as a loss if you lose something tangible/intangible this month. 5’s represent a halfway point in a journey. You’re halfway forward, halfway from the end. Think about the glass being half-full. You’re on the path! Feeling loss is our emotional resistance to change and nothing is accomplished without change (fortunately and unfortunately). The figure on the card is hanging his head dwelling on the three cups that have toppled over and not acknowledging the two that remain standing. The key is to remain conscious of both the good and the bad, but ultimately use the lessons to move forward, always towards goodness.

Goldstone; It's sparkles are symbolic of light and this gem can always be found in the darkness. It deflects unwanted energies and is highly regarded in the spirit realm as a protective mineral. 

Leo - the ten of wands ; You pulled the same card as last month! I feel your pain, kitty cats, with wanting to get to the next stage and feeling overburdened and drowning in the work. But having things so close in front of you doesn’t give you perspective on how far you’ve come. Holding it this close eclipses everything you’ve accomplished. Looking at the figure on the card, it’s hard for him to hold all his wands based on how they’re arranged, rather than what the actual burden he’s carrying is. If he were to shift the wands onto his shoulder, it would be easier and he would clear his line of vision to see just how close the town is. You started the year with the energetic potential of creating something great with a huge chance for success, but now the work is piling up and you’re feeling it like a burden. Do what you need to do to shift your consciousness to a place of grounded faith, despite your perceived burden, and things will start to feel lighter.

Labrodorite; A power stone that opens the Crown Chakra by stimulating your intuition and allows you to see through illusions to determine the actual form of your dreams and goals. Use it to stimulate your imagination, gather enthusiasm, and see more clearly.

Virgo - the page of wands ; Another sign who pulled the same card as last month. Take it as an invitation to accept new facets of growth in your life. The process of opening yourself up to new opportunities is not something you do and then stop. Keep going! This is a chance to invite the forces of change to keep coming into your life. This card is giving you more encouragement that you’re on the right path. Changing overnight isn’t what it’s about.

Malachite; The stone of transformation. Facilitates the release of negative experiences and cleanses all of your chakras. Helps you to not move fearfully into the present moment despite what form the present takes. 

Libra - the eight of swords ; This month you might not be free to move the way you want to, but the bonds holding you are loose and the sword of reason could be used to cut yourself free. The castle is close in the distance if only you can free yourself to see it. You have choices and power - Don’t let the situation rule you. In areas where you feel you’re being censured, recognize that you hold the power to free yourself. Even if you find yourself in a literal jail, you still hold the power of not letting yourself be ruled by the situation. You always have a choice. Always. Feel suffering and despair, or feel balanced and zen.

Sodalite; The stone of self expression and confidence. It promotes intuition and helps you to trust in your own judgement. A beautiful, third eye stimulating dark blue. Hold this stone and focus on its colour in meditation and the path will be revealed.

Scorpio - the ten of pentacles ; A fat cat card; having everything that you’ve worked towards. Having it all! Seeing the results of your efforts and the people and community you move in. Richness and family. Outward result of your effort. Content and fulfilled. Lots of positive, touchy-feely good vibes, so enjoy it with a light heart and a deep sense of gratitude.

Jade; Jade allows you to see past self-imposed limitations and manifest your dreams. Courage, compassion, generosity. Helps you lead a richer, longer, more fulfilling life. 

Sagittarius - the high priestess ; Recall the vastness of your potential. The high priestess is the guardian that stands between our world and the unconscious, the unknown. This is about you listening to yourself, so don’t feel bad about taking a step back and listening to your heart. See what comes up and revel in the immense potential that we have in this world. The High Priestess holds the secret. Don’t stress that you don’t know what it is, have faith in knowing that she does.

Azurite; The “Stone of the Heavens.” Helps you recognize your intuition and spiritual guidance. Calms and relieves mental stress, dissolving blocked energy. The Mayans, Greeks, Romans and ancient Chinese valued it as a sacred stone for communication with the spiritual realm and the highest priests and priestesses.

Capricorn - the two of pentacles ; This month is about having fun with balance. Learning about being more loving and emotional, but also balancing your personal commitments with your professional ones. How much time you spend with others, how much time you spend with yourself, and feeling good about both. Riding the waves of your everyday life, rocky or not, and loving every moment, even laughing at how easy it is to handle every situation, good or bad, because the Universe is always, always on your side. 

Hematite; A protective stone that helps you stay centred and grounded in any situation. This black stone absorbs negative energy and calms you in times of stress or worry, allowing you to focus on your unique abilities and place in the larger tapestry of life. 

Aquarius - the page of swords ; The page brings you challenges this month, but also the key for dealing with these challenges. The driven, focused, analytical way of dealing with things that is the key characteristic of the swords suit is the way to navigate these challenges. When you accept challenges and deal with them head on, you will become stronger. Every time you overcome you gain the tools and experience required to continue to overcome (and continue and continue and continue). You’ll be able to anticipate problems in the future and stop them before they arise, or be more equipped to quicker accept setbacks and move forward and back onto the path.

Lapis Lazuli; A gemstone of total awareness, protection and enlightenment that connects us to a higher truth. Helps foster verbal expression, opening and balancing the throat Chakra, while calming and supporting your energy. It also connects you to your spiritual guardians, protecting you from negative energy and returning negative energy back to its source. 

Pisces - the knight of cups ; The pursuit of emotional experiences, or a messenger for the arrival of someone/something with an emotional benefit. Following your heart is good, but this knight is also cautionary - you have to manage both to be truly aligned with your higher calling. He’s going slowly, implying that you have to use both logic and emotions to get to your destination. Don’t get too caught up in your feelings/dreams, but if you’re denying your emotional fishy ways and trying to be logical and hyper-rational, you won’t be able to last very long before facing a meltdown. Key takeaway: If there are practical considerations this month that require action, don’t ignore them as that may lead to disaster, but find a balance between your dreams and the actions needed to achieve them. 

Smoky Quartz; A grounding, anger and resentment dissolving gem that helps remove blockages. Use this stone to connect to the earth, a talisman of the Root Chakra, and help to not get lost in your feelings.