I’m just being honest. 

Honest about the way I'm madly in love with you.

I don’t know why it’s so difficult to say the things that matter. Why telling lies seems easier than the truth because you don’t have to explain yourself or risk losing something.

Feeling isn’t a crime.

We apologize to others for feeling the way we do. We tell them that we probably just missed their point when we say the wrong thing. We didn’t read them right, gave them the wrong answer to something we were indifferent about to begin with, and then apologize for making them feel bad. Or all of a sudden you find yourself in the middle of a fiery debate, forced to defend your point of view. 

“You know, at one time I made quite a little reputation for myself as a humorist by the simple process of telling the truth. It came as such a surprise to most people that they thought I was being funny.” - The Razor's Edge

You make a pact with your girlfriends about telling one another if they start getting fat, or if their boyfriends are assholes, or if they’re drinking or smoking too much, but then when it actually happens… You don’t say anything. Or you do and get excommunicated as she melts into tears and anger at the injustice of your words.

She didn’t want the truth, because the truth might mean that she has to take ownership of her life. 

Yes baby girl, your boyfriend is an asshole and you’ve gained 20 pounds because you eat like shit, and your skin is looking terrible from all the makeup you cover it with. I don’t love you any less, but you are loving yourself less. It’s impossible not to notice, not to feel for your suffering when the solution is obvious and I just want to support you..

Why don’t we say these things to one another?

"I would have so many more friends if i held back the truth and i just gave out compliments." - Drake

We want others to tell us that everything is alright.

That everything is going to work out on its own. That the negativity in our lives is imposed on us by outside sources.

We’re fat because we do shift work that’s not conducive to healthy eating. Our partner is a dick because they’re having a rough week at work. Our skin is bad because of all the pollution. We can’t find a decent partner because there are only asshole puppy dogs in the world. We can’t live conscious lives because nobody else is so what's the point?

Telling the truth is the first step towards consciousness and inner peace. Lying is rooted in fear, perpetuates the ego and attracts more negativity. 

When you’re honest and it comes from a place of deep authenticity, a place of positive energy, you become a beam of light in a world that avoids the truth in favour of the easy way out. You make the world a better place.

We give people little bits of ourselves.

The parts that we think they’ll like the most, the ones that are most tempered by what we believe to be attractive in society.

“I’m a strong and independent woman! Look at this Michael Kors bag I bought myself.” The girl says to the boy on their first date.

“I’m studying to be a realtor and I’m working my ass off so I can start my own firm.” He replies. 

It doesn’t come out till much, much later that she feels so utterly alone and insecure that her entire self-worth is defined by a $350 basic-bitch handbag that she went into credit card debt to buy.

And he smokes weed and plays video games all day instead of studying and hustling because deep down he can’t get the thoughts of his dad yelling at him that he’s a good-for-nothing lazy bum! out of his head.

We go through life treating people like they’re pawns in a game and then we complain that we have too few real relationships.

Often our family, more often our friends, always the general public - obstacles on our path towards a future that promises fulfilment.

If you tell the unwanted truth and lose a friend, you lose that person you counted on to call when asshole breaks up with you, or you drink too much honeyjack and need a ride home.

When we treat people as winners and losers of course it’s in our best interest to give up a piece of our authentic selves and replace it with a lie if it means gaining something of a more substantial, tangible advantage. But in doing so we give out negative, manipulative energy and in return we receive the same. We are stuck in superficial relationships, we are used by others. 

But life is not a game.

The Kitten Life at least is a maze of infinite size and only one exit.

The more people you come into contact with and give your heart and full attention to, the more you’re open to learning, the more honest you are with yourself and others, the more enjoyable it is to be completely and utterly lost in the pointlessness of it all. The more positivity you find. The more meaning you find. The greater your inner peace becomes. 

Being honest is often uncomfortable. Way uncomfortable.

Because it’s disrupting the norm of being indifferent, or constantly lying to spare feelings.

Being honest often means being in direct conflict with other people’s egos, or even our own egos.

Try telling yourself that you need to stop texting that guy you’ve got a mad crush on who never texts you back… or to hit the gym at 9am on a Sunday…  

Uncomfortable isn’t fun, but it does point the way towards enlightenment.

Towards authentic relationships with people who want to be in your life, people who want you in their lives because you’re a real person. Towards a 100% positive relationship with your form-bound self. Authenticity breeds consciousness, breeds enlightenment, breeds peace! 

Feeling honest? Hit us up.