Whenever I fall in love (no doubt my friends could tell you, whenever = frequently) I ask the puppy in question: what’s your favourite colour? Bae backs up the logic of this; on the subject of a recent, less-than-mind-blowing lover she said, “he didn’t even ask me what my favourite colour is!”

Colour is an ever-present language of being.

Of course favourite is a difficult question. How many people have favourite letters of the alphabet? They are a complete set and the combinations we create from them are more often what we focus our attention on. 

That being said, I melt over turquoise, luminescent sea green, neon pink, rose gold, many shades of orange, mauve.

Greens are a rush of fresh air and vitality.

Green is the colour ayurvedic and anthroposophic colour theory connect to the 4th [middle] chakra, located in the heart region.

Waking up to the world of colour is waking up to presence. To eternal, divine laws and forces.

Lovers, kittens, what’s your favourite colour?