Sometimes the kittens live on the other side of the goddamn universe from one another and have to resort to frequent yet sporadic FaceTime conversations in order to stay connected.

Spiritually, our cords run deep, deep, deep. yet on the superficial level of forms and day-to-day bullshit, sometimes only a 4am FaceTime call to your bff who's 8 hours behind you in the world is the only thing that can keep you going.

Conversations with Kittens is an on-going, word-for-word transcription of the best or deepest or funniest or most whatever parts of the exchanges recorded between C and N, and filled with all the topics kittens prrrr about; life, love, the Universe, nonsensical bullshit, and sinking our kitten fangs into puppy dogs.

C: I was thinking about that quote, I think it goes, “How do you know… How do you know this is the experience you need? Cause this is the moment you’re having” or something like that. And that gives me relief for about… this much [makes👌🏻 gesture] time. Cause it hurts so… I just feel like I was such a fool with him. If I hadn’t been a fool I wouldn’t have been all “oooh emotions” with someone who is stupid and, like, works all the goddamn time so has no time for…

I don’t know, I don’t know, I don’t know. I just don’t know. People can’t…

N: There’s no way to know. I was trying to think about what motivates him. Like, if he’s just puppy-dogging around and he doesn’t even know it.

C: I think he knows. I think they all know.

N: What do they know? They know nothing.

C: I think they know that we’re all fucking crazy. And so they say “we’re just going to puppy dog around.” And we say, “Oh these boys are all puppy-dogging around so we’re going to be fucking crazy.”

No, there’s no anger in any of it. I think i’m bringing anger and frustration and negativity to it and that’s what I need to stop doing. 

N: I think, like… I still believe that when it’s right, it’s right. I’ve had other moments where I didn’t have to struggle. Where it wasn’t a struggle. Where it kept being good. The goodness lasted longer than like a few interactions. There’s a reason that it’s not.

C: That’s exactly it. That’s exactly it. That’s exactly it.

N: There will be people you can communicate with better. It just sounds like this guy isn’t on the level. The level that you want to be on.

C: But I was just, like, crazy.

N: Oh, I know how that feels. But you were saying what you really felt. What you really wanted to know from him. And like the whole situation of you thinking, or knowing that he’s dating other girls… You were just trying to protect yourself. You're not trying to enter the game in that way, so isn’t it better that you just know?

You said, “Oh, I feel like I’m not letting him be a person.” But, you asked him things you wanted to know. And he couldn’t tell you. He couldn't give you answers.

Boys are crazy in other ways. I feel like their craziness is shutting down, and ours is becoming more… active [laughs] taking our claws out, going for the jugular. 

C: Ugh, but... he's on The Path. 

N: We're all on The Path.