Return to the simple pleasure of baking bread for yourself, your loved ones, your family.

The smell when you enter a home where there's fresh bread baking in the oven... is there a more comforting scent to come home to?

Aligning yourself with a sustainable, self-sufficient, self-actualized future involves moving away as much or as little as you can from pre-packaged foods, artificial chemicals, out-of-season produce, and other unsustainable forms of food.

This can involve growing your own vegetables and herbs, using your own bags and containers when shopping at the grocery store and baking your own bread!

Since moving to Montreal this past summer, Nicole has been newly interested in baking bread and has created this beautiful recipe card with a simple bread recipe for you to follow if you're interested in learning the craft yourself. You can click on the image above to view a downloadable/printable version.

What a treat it has been to taste to different versions topped with all of our favourite things: chia, garlic, cheese, hemp seeds. And it feels extra special sharing with friends and family along with a homecooked meal and good conversation!

Do you bake your own bread? Interested in giving it a try? Let us know in the comments below!

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