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“About astrology and palmistry: They are good because they make people feel vivid and full of possibilities. They are communism at its best. Everybody has a birthday and almost everybody has a palm.” - Kurt Vonnegut

Last month we had the pleasure of doing tarot readings at the Blue Dog Motel in Montreal for a really great crowd of people. As always it was such an honour to be able to act as a guide for others to work through some of the big questions they were carrying with them, unsure of what to do or what angle to take.

A gentleman before he’d even sat down said to us, “If I get the Death card, I’m out of here!” And then after some prodding and a warm up introduction to what exactly the tarot could do for him, he asked for a message about proposing to his girlfriend... and pulled the Ten of Cups, a card speaking to joy and happiness in the family unit. We told him we'd be expecting our wedding invite ASAP!

Another dude – who purchased one of our Miau pins which he rocked next to his Jesus piece for a 10/10 look I would recommend to anyone – even though he’d never had his cards read, saw the card pulled for him and said “Ok, I know what I need to do. No need to explain,” and cheerfully left the reading without getting our interpretation. Happy to be of service!

These past twelve months of reading tarot and writing horoscopes for each of the star signs has been quite a ride and the reflections have been deep and intense. 

We sat down recently and looked over every single one of the cards pulled for each sign over the year trying to identify any themes, patterns or any sort of “higher” insight that could be gleaned and shared with you in a round up post.

But alas! The tarot is always, always, always teaching balance.

There were the exact same number of each suit pulled, and only three of the cards in the 78-card deck weren't pulled. 

There was a bit of a message however in terms of the cards that were pulled most often: the Two of Pentacles and the Moon. The Two of Pentacles relating to balance and the Moon being about checking in with your subconscious and not being afraid of the messages that are revealed in the deepest depths of your internal world. If the combined message from those two cards is anything, it’s to 'check yourself before you wreck yourself...' by getting out of balance.  

Does this ring true for you? How do you find and maintain balance throughout your days, weeks, months?

Reading the tarot, having your palms or aura read, seeing an energy healer, and other esoteric mediums, are all great external tools you can use in order to work through issues you've been having to gain new perspective on a situation, or even to bring to light things that you've been suppressing.

There is a current of energy, a current of spirituality, karma that is felt by all, whether or not we can put words to it. And tarot is one way of tapping into that current.

And if you’re feeling disconnected, or feeling like there isn’t even a current to tap into, perhaps the tarot or reading your monthly horoscope is a way to connect with that flow and start aligning your actions and choices with it.

If you don’t want to have that conversation, nobody is going to force you! If you’re unaware of the conversation, perhaps someone talking about the conversation (like us two little kittens here) will help to make you aware of it.

With your monthly tarot/horoscope readings, we wanted to get people around the table talking about character development, self actualization, consciousness and how, ultimately, to do better. 

With this in mind, we'd like to announce that for 2017 we're doing something a bit different. 

Ultimately, humans are humans are humans, palm-less or otherwise, and regardless of when your birthday is! 

My favourite thing about reading tarot for myself or for others is seeing the message and allowing whatever it is inside me that it speaks to to come up and be laid bare for reflection and scrutiny. It doesn't matter what the question is, who's asking it, what the multitude of interpretations could be, or what tarot experts would say is the right interpretation, it's what you feel come up for you when you see a card is what's important.

So starting in a couple days, on January 1st we're going to be focusing our energy and attention into one card per month that will be a global reading for all of humanity to get the conversation started, without differentiating us on any level.

We want to keep the conversation going, while staying aligned with our Truth which is that we're all in this motherfucker together made of the same star and moon dust!

We hope you've enjoyed this past year and we're stoked to continue into another year of groovy wave-riding with all of our amazing readers here at The Kitten Life!

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