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This month we pulled two cards to help guide your energy and action. As the overarching message for the month, we pulled the Knight of Cups, followed by the Queen of Pentacles as a "qualifier" card.

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Do you ever feel like the rest of your life is going to be one long stream of days where you wake up thinking "Damn! I can't believe it's ____ already!" And then doing absolutely nothing with your day other than scrolling through pictures of people you don't know, feeling rage followed by envy followed by lust towards their perfect asshole lives? 

Such was the sentiment of our wing-heeled friend, the Knight of Cups when he looked at the calendar this morning and saw that it's already May - 'cause hot damn time's moving fast!

Knight cards are the "adolescents" of the tarot. They really feel and express their emotions which range from one end of the spectrum to the other - often within the same minute.

He's the type to cry if you tell him the truth that you don't want to join him in a gossip-fest about his co-workers, and threaten to throw himself off the nearest bridge if you don't take your comment back.

He's also a romantic mother-fucker, who will run head-first into anything that even slightly resembles a potential love affair.

And that's OK with us!

Sometimes life has to be lived in the moment, with our inhibitions long forgotten, and our hearts ripped out of our chests and laid bare for the world to see.

May is one of those months that we feel you can really throw yourself into. Spring has literally sprung and work is now a barrier to entry for enjoying the good weather outside and away from your desk. Major clean-ups of your wardrobe and belongings, plus house chores such as re-painting and scrubbing the deck become the means to not having to do it once summer hits.

It's the time to dream, to plan, to project about your Big Plans for the rest of the year; the parties, the lovers, the promotions, the projects.

But there's a line that must be walked between our fanciful wishes and the work required to getting us there. Balance is the key to achieving anything and pulling the Knight of Cups suggests that an imbalance is in store for us this month - one where we rock and roll from one end to the other of the watery spectrum of our emotions.

From "sensitive" to "temperamental," and "imaginative" to "fanciful," it's important to keep mindful distance between our snapped/initial reactions and the truth of a situation. 

And here's where our dear Queen comes in.

This month we pulled a qualifier card to help you direct the waviness of the Knight of Cups.

queen of pentacles, the tarot, tarot cards, tarot reading, the kitten life

The Queen of Pentacles is an interesting card to pull as a qualifier because the energy she brings to us is grounded in generosity, foresight, loyalty and steadfastness.

Consider whether you want a fleeting love affair or your life partner; an empire or a random business idea that fizzles out; a ride-or-die inner circle or "friends" who have connections you can take advantage of.

Not to say that any of the above options are bad or good. We can and do benefit from all of those scenarios depending on what we want in a given moment.

But herein lies the difference between the two; we pulled these cards asking the Universe for a message for the month ahead, and just as it freaks some of us out to consider that we're already over a quarter of the way through yet another year, one solitary month on its own really can and will make a difference in making up the tapestry that is our lives - so long as we reflect on what we're going to do with the time.

Having mastery over your emotions and being steadfast in your decision making is the essence of our Queen's energy and infinite resourcefulness. Call upon her this month when you find yourself freaking out about anything - literally anything - and consider the immaturity of Knights and teenagers, and how melodrama usually isn't what gets us through a situation on top. Externalize these thoughts and feelings to the weird realm of our self-seeking egos, and then move forward with love and confidence.

We all know where the path is, the only one throwing you off it is yourself.