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Water is life’s matter and matrix, mother and medium. There is no life without water.
— Albert Szent-Gyorgyi
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These days, like most days, we've been dreaming about, and immersing ourselves in water.

Gazing upon a body of water and reflecting on the waves and considering it as such a boundless source of energy, a seed of life, we aren't surprised at all by this month's message from the Universe.

The Empress is the archetype of a life-giving Mother.

When I look at this card I feel a wave of pure energy wash over me. I feel love, caring, compassion. A motherly, grounded, big-sigh-of-relief type of compassion. The type that forgives all trespasses.

The fertility of the Empress also brings with her gifts of abundance, and gives us permission to revel in the joy and wonder of nature. In June we hope that you'll open yourself up to the potential of these gifts!

Consider the connection between the moon and the everlasting nature of the tides.

This month we urge you to go to a body of water to watch the waves, the ripples, the swirls, and try to feel yourself connected with the movement of water. In these moments, think about the feeling of perpetuity, eternalness, forever.

For us, it makes us think about the eternal nature of energy - nothing is created nor destroyed - and specifically the connection with our creative pursuits.

What in your life is eternal? Or, that you'd like to take on an eternal quality? Is the purpose to create for material/short-term gain, or for something more intangible, yet more long-lasting? Lots of important questions, kitties, and ones that apply not only to the creative side of life, but to our jobs, our home lives, our relationships with others and ourselves.

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Paired with the Empress, the Universe delivered you a second message about being a visionary, a leader, one whose goal is always eternal legacy over short term void filling.

Imagine the Three of Wands, like you see in the image on the card, as marking a door/entranceway.

Visualize yourself at the entrance to this door. When you look through you can see anything you want. What comes to your mind's eye?

Then, shift your focus to the image of a Future You on the other side. 15, 30, 45 years down the road. Bringing the energy of the Empress to your heart, can you imagine seeing the Future You with hands outstretched, standing tall, steadfast, open, heart full of infinite compassion. What does this make you feel?

Do you feel rushed and frantic to consume? Or more grounded in a sense of purpose or legacy?

We want to use this month to focus on the sorts of things that contribute to the feelings on the long lasting legacy side of the spectrum, rather than short term, frantic material achievements/ticks-on-the-to-do-list side.

Connecting back to the image of waves/water, we know that in our physical form we’re not here for a long time, yet we have the potential to connect with the eternal through the energy we choose to give and receive. This month it's all about depth, rather than breadth. Being purposeful in our actions and avoiding that which takes away in exchange for short term gain.

What can you do this month to be a little bit more purposeful?

A little bit more forward thinking? A little bit more compassionate to the eternal nature of the Universe, and those of us lucky enough to be here, right now?

We will be pondering all of this along with you this month, kittens.