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This month the Universe is splashing you with some clean, sharp energy.

The four Aces in the Rider Waite tarot deck feature a hand popping out of a cloud to present the querent with a special symbol.

On the Ace of Swords we are presented with a shiny sword topped by a golden crown. Below, a vast, barren landscape sets the rest of the scene. Their pairing suggests the sharp "cutting through" of reason/intellect, that's often unemotional and cold. 

When life hands you the job offer of your dreams, the opportunity to show your craft in a international setting, pick the brain of an expert in your field, etc. along with the amazing win comes the sobering realization that you have some serious work to do to prepare properly.

February will undoubtedly be a month of important - but perhaps difficult to accept - truths becoming uncovered.

This Ace brings opportunity and clarity to an area of your life that is deeply important to you, but you must meet the Universe with honesty, integrity and fortitude!

And with that opportunity, you will be met with the Shining Light of Reason to strike down your excuses, navel gazing and other "side-stepping" sorts of communication/thought patterns.

If the opportunity feels more like a challenge than a step in a positive direction (which is often the Wonderful Way of the Universe), call upon the clarity of the Swords Suit to take a step back and cut through the fog of your thoughts.

The challenge of the unknown future is so much more exciting than the stories of the accomplished past.
— Simon Sinek
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On the other side of this barren plain we see a vibrantly dressed Knight charging forth on his trusty steed.

The Knight of Wands brings fiery, quick, quick, speedy movement to your life, specifically in the area of creative/business endeavours.

Paired with our trusty Ace, the message becomes far more clear. Where Aces present new opportunities/challenges, Knights are youthful, exuberant opportunity "makers" or "breakers."

Their youthful naivety colours all of their actions, thoughts and emotions, and they often jump too soon, or let their tender egos steep their lives in angst and overreaction.

This Knight is a world traveller, an enthusiastic artist, musician, actor, an eloquent conversationalist, and a vivd liver of life.

On the flip-side, he can be cocky, shallow, restless, judgemental and hot-tempered. All characteristics that are the complete opposite of our lucky Ace, which compels us to seek clarity, to analyze the situation, to act with grace, integrity and forethought. 

The lovely thing about our dear Knights is that they give us the opportunity to play with our youthful side. The Knight of Wands, specifically, begs you to be creative, to give it your all, and to take pride in yourself and your work. 

Life must be lived and curiosity kept alive. One must never, for whatever reason, turn his back on life.
— Eleanor Roosevelt

Do you feel up for the challenge? Or could you use a dash of fiery Knight energy to get the embers glowing in the depths of your creative belly?

In either case, we know that you're more than ready to embrace whatever the Universe throws at you, and make the most of the month.