February’s edition of kitten life astrology weaves in colour therapy - or chromotherapy - to help you harness or focus the energy of the stars into something more - how can we say this…  actualized. The power of colour, the power of the stars, the Universe is all around us, it’s up to us how much we chose to interact with it.

We use Pantone as the standard for swatches. (We’re exploring the sites of other colour systems but for now the colour search feature on Pantone’s website is really well set up.)

Aries; Last month you started the year with the world card, this month you’ve got the nine of cups featuring Mr. Happy Camper sitting pretty in front of his perfect arch of golden cups. Sensual pleasure, contentment and fulfilled wishes are on the horizon (if you aren’t already there) my Aries friend. These feel-good, secure, sensual adjectives bring to mind the colour red. This month, write down three things you’re grateful for at the end of each day. You’ll find that when you reflect on all that you have, you’ll start attracting more abundance into your life with the attitude of being full, being enough, rather than giving out vibes from a place of want. And to attract even more positivity and abundance into your life, consider alternating an appreciation for a red such as 18-1549 TCX Valiant Poppy, with a strong and rich shade of green, for example this swatch, 17-5641 TPX Emerald.

TaurusThe sun card emits the energy of glowing, multi-faceted light. Last month you took a pledge of sobriety and hopefully teamed up with someone to do it. This month the Universe is urging you to be a symbol of strength and radiance. Gold is associated with love, compassion, magic, courage and wisdom, as well as ‘illumination,’ a word which I think we can interchange with enlightenment. You are a steady, grounded, stable earth sign and this month be the person in your circle who others can count on for your strength and warmth. Take a look at a swatch such as 15-0955 TPG Old Gold to help you imagine what radiating out your illumination to others looks like. 

Gemini; As a Gemini, you’re represented by the Twins, the yin and yang energy of the Universe. You often shift between the two sides of dark and light and lose track of yourself by going too far one way or the other. Other signs feel better being extreme in some ways or others, but your milieu is tempered zen which is why the two of pentacles could not have been a more fitting card for you to pull for February. The figure gently urges you to find balance, but even more than that, it’s about being flexible and maintaining a breezy attitude of play while navigating the complete randomness of life that often puts us out of whack. To compensate, run your eyes along the colour spectrum (use a digital or print image of a rainbow to guide you, or simply imagine it). Do this several times before resting and meditating on the colour green. Going from extreme to extreme and then coming back to the middle - green, the colour of mother earth, the centre, the place of balance - will soothe your soul from the inside out. Try with 14-0156 TPX Summer Green.

Cancer; When a knight card is pulled in a reading, the querent is asked to reflect on the energy the knight represents and ask themselves whether that energy is present or missing from their lives. The knight of swords is logical, forward-facing, direct and logical. He’s a great guy to have on your side if you’re at the action phase of a project or trying to find the solution to a problem. Alternatively, he’s unfeeling, forceful and overbearing. Cancer’s coil up into their shells when their feelings get hurt in order to protect themselves. Alternate meditating with a bright orange shade, and violet. While you may want to be assertive you’re often overly sensitive and touchy, so chances are this knight is trying to tell you to take a step back and look at things a little more logically/intellectually. Orange is the colour linked with self-respect and boundaries with other people, and while you want to be assertive you also need to balance that with a calming colour; violet is the highest colour in our spectrum and it is associated with universality. You can negotiate your position with more success when you are also striving for harmony, internally and with the external world. Look at Pantone’s Orange Tiger 16-1358 TCX and Violet O631 C.

Leo; Last month you pulled the ace of pentacles, an excellent card for putting material plans into action. But now that things are rolling, do you feel like the world’s going to collapse if you were to stop making sure things are getting done? This month you’ve got the ten of wands - one of my most pulled, least enjoyed cards - that’s pointing to you overextending and trying to play the martyr. But why, fierce Leo, why? Yellow is related to self-worth, the perceptions of others, personality, ego and confidence. Leo is confidence! You’re a natural born leader - delegate my furry kitty friend, delegate! When nothing exists for you other than the next item on your to-do list, you don’t even know how to enjoy the fruits of your labours. Sure, February looks like it might be a harder month than usual for you, but make sure you don’t lose touch with your essence by becoming a self-deprecating negative nancy. Balance meditations on a yellow such as Spectra Yellow 14-0957 TPX with a deep indigo hue like 19-3750 TCX Violet Indigo. Indigo is the colour related to the third eye. Seek within and bring the light of your discovery to help a situation move forward. Celebrate every accomplishment even if there are a hundred more things to get done.

Virgo; Both last month and this month you pulled passionate, loving, tender cards. The empress in January, and now the page of wands in February. You’re a logical, straightforward, fact-finding kitten and the signs seem to be pointing to you loosening up and letting go of worries and step-by-step processes. An opening is going to appear very soon for you - and the Universe suggests that it’s going to be in the realm of love

Last month you got it on in the biggest way (if you followed the Universe’s message for you) so ride that love wave and engage in some frisky, adventurous behaviour. And how fitting that Valentine’s day is this month? Love it or hate it, do it fucking big, Virgo, do it. Do it. Do it. Embrace what your life has in store and receive it with an open heart. That calls for meditating with a bold colour like lime green, perhaps in alternation with a paler pink. Pink is the colour of unconditional love. I’ve been thinking about why this association exists: the pink we must have been enveloped with while in the womb, the pink you see through your closed eyelids. Check out Acid Lime PQ-14-0340TCX and Impatiens Pink 13-1510 TPX.

Libra ; Quick action! Getting things moving, and then clean and final closure. Last month was about quiet preparation and planning to set up a solid foundation for 2016. Now the energy has shifted from passive contemplation to lightning-fast action. 8 wands flying through the air! Libra’s are represented by scales - 8 is a perfectly balanced number and a super lucky one for the upcoming Chinese New Year of the Fire Monkey that comes into effect on February 8th. Libra, you are generally a very balanced soul who probably is attracted to calmer colours. However the stars are urging you to harness vibrance this month. This shade of bright pink called Fiery Coral 15- 1456 TN has enough orange to encourage you to move forward with balancing pink to reassure you that you are being held safely in the hands of the universe.

Don’t let yourself fall into laziness and let this opportunity go by - make a pact with yourself, and get someone reliable on-board to pair up with and get shit done. This card is about raw energy, very few obstacles and accomplishment - make it happen, Libra. 

Scorpio; Defensiveness, apathy, boredom, disinterest, self-absorption. These are the keywords of the four of cups. Someone turned so inward, so self-seeking, that they miss the beautiful gifts that the Universe often hands us on a silver platter. Maybe you don’t even care to see them right now! What’s going on Scorpio? Last month you were trapped in your own world - did you not make the effort to free yourself? Or could you not find the way? This month allow the brilliance of the colour gold to help you shift from inwardness to outwardness, and giving back what you have received. As wonderful as it is to reflect on your current state of mind, and Scorpios need lots of personal space, that doesn’t open you up to the Universe. Don’t want to take responsibility for that big of a shift? Your mind is very deep, Scorpio, and the time you spend seeking answers to life’s questions will not cease to be yours if you extend a hand to the world around you. Golden Yellow 15-0953 TCX is the perfect blend of earthy and rich, bringing to mind gilded frames as well as the colour of leather or autumn leaves. Meditate on what it is you truly value, and seek to nourish it.

Sagittarius; Moving on. Did you harness the creative energy the Universe was blowing in your direction all last month? The eight of cups points to an inner or outer shift is on the horizon, my dear Sagittarius friend, and whether or not you are ready, or if the shift promises to bring better opportunity, now is the time. It would be easy to search for storm clouds on the horizon, can’t you see the vibrant beauty of a turquoise sky inviting you forward? You want to weigh the pros and cons, be logical and confident before making any sort of decision, and you still have that opportunity, sure! but leave behind the baggage and start off in a new direction. Your sense of direction will take you where you need to go. Meditate with Tanager Turquoise PQ-13-4720 TCX.

Capricorn; Love vibes are coming your way this month Capricorn. The queen of cups reigns over the realm of emotion. Loving, intuitive, psychic and spiritual, the queen of cups is a gentle, tender-loving woman who lets her heart lead the way. Think of flowers and the beauty of the purple light of dawn. Her energy urges you to devote time to your partner, or someone close to you who has helped you somewhere along your path. This month is all about nurturing yourself and those around you. Lilac is the comfort of love’s embrace; violet hues connect us with universal ideals and you are encouraged to see love as the ultimate ideal. Relax into the embrace of this colour (Pastel Lilac 14-3812 TPX) and feel its effects radiate outwards to those you love. 

Capricorn people are so very, very driven and independent, that sometimes you forget to take a step back and reflect on how many other factors and people have played a part in helping you get to where you are. Let the kindness and compassion that others have shown you move you! Allow yourself to be opened and inspired by how beautiful humanity is. 

Aquarius; Aquarius, you’ve pulled two Major Arcana cards so far this year. Major Arcana cards (22 in the deck) refer to the development of humans - spiritually, mentally and physically, whereas Minor Arcana cards (56 in the deck) relate more to situations and relationships we come across in our day to day lives. When major arcana cards come up in readings, the Universe is asking you to take a serious look inside and consider how the energy of the cards you’re pulling applies to your life. You’ve pulled the hermit in January and now the wheel of fortune in February. 

Aquarius people are more in-tune than all the other signs with the social consciousness and bigger picture of humanity as a whole. Last month you turned inwards, this month the wheel of fortune is all about the larger karmic circle we’re all inescapably a part of. In the top left corner of the card is the angel Aquarius - one of the four fixed signs of the Zodiac, but its wings signify stability amidst movement and change. Fate, Luck, Chance, sure, these are all buzzwords that many people who ask for the tarot’s guidance will latch onto when they pull this seemingly positive card. But there is no such thing as achieving something so positive that your story comes to an end. Life is never-ending, no matter how high the high gets, or how low you sink, there is no end until death brings this chapter of consciousness to a close. But the wheel of fortune card does suggest something disruptive - a turning point - where the tides shift. Although there’s not much we can do to prepare for such upheavals, how we respond to them and allow them to shape our future is completely under our control.

As you ponder this cycle of existence and how we are all caught in it, use two colours; sky blue that reminds us of the infinite vast beyond, intangible and always surrounding our little planet. It is effervescent and holds us in its airy embrace. Amber on the other hand is a symbol of the effects of the passage of time. It is the richness of the earth under us, very tangible indeed. The insect which flies in the sky can also be caught and fossilized in the sticky matter of earthly living. Whether you are ‘stuck’ or moving forward successfully at this time, take a moment to appreciate that both are perpetually occuring to all beings. Try with Sky Blue 14-4318 TPX and Amberglow PQ-16-1350TCX.

Pisces ; Last month you’ve forgiven someone - let go of the negative energy you were harbouring towards them.  And this month the six of swords you pulled represents the next step in your emotional task - moving on. If you feel dissatisfaction with your current state know that moving on will surely bring needed change. 

February is a cold and often perceived as a blah month, and the six of swords is a card of low energy/feeling the blues and the focus is on recovering. Rather than focusing on the unknown as something daunting, remember the coral pink of the horizon at sunset and use your fishy powers to swim towards it! Check out Coral Reef PQ-15-1331TCX. Look for an opportunity to travel - get away from the person/people who are casting a shadow over you. You love to avoid confrontation anyways, so see if you can physically remove yourself from your present surroundings. Move across the world if someone even hints at it. You’re headed towards a place more positive than where you currently are, it’s just going to take some time, patience and you taking the first step.