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Valentine's Day. What a silly, indulgent, superfluous "holiday" of sorts, tackily snuggled into the middle of February, as if roses and the missionary position could warm us out of this deep freeze.

But we kittens love it nonetheless, and wrote a silly poem in free verse to commemorate this yearly love fest.


Valentine’s Day: A Love Poem

that’s what this is.
There’s no other word
for the self-inflicted
scorching of my
poor, poor, taste buds.

Those damned little
cinnamon hearts.
Devils in red latex.

And carnauba wax,
not the good kind. 
Always just an inch shy,
like all of the best things, 
they say.

Would you say that roses could
make up for what
flaccid, uninspiring
tulips you once brought me?

Or what about a bathtub
filled with chocolate?
It all sounds so horribly romantic
until you’re tits-deep
in expired Halloween candy.

I’d rather get drunk
like Rumi says.
(Perhaps this is where we should have started)
Drunk off the dew of your
tears, the sweat between
your toes.

But I always kind of liked it,
because life is too short
to say no to