Every month we read the tarot to give each of the twelve signs of the zodiac a message. 

Everyone reads tarot differently, so here is a brief glimpse into our process.

First, we generally pick a day both of us feel is particularly auspicious. This happens naturally but tends to coincide around the time of the full moon.

We set the scene with prayer candles, incense, palo santo, and lay down a silk tarot cloth to cradle our trusty cards.

The deck we use is one I bought in Montpellier during my year in France. It's the French version of the classic Rider-Waite deck. It has served me well.

Your message for the month of October is based around the magic of costumes and disguises. Hiding behind the veil. Reflecting on the masks we wear, the personas we portray.

We each put our energy into shuffling the deck, thinking about the message for the upcoming month. I think about the part I play in this exchange as if I'm a channel for the Universe to deliver important whispers of insight to you, the reader.

Once it feels right, we set the deck down and we cut it into three, then put the deck back together and pull the top 12 cards.

I'm always amazed by how natural our rhythm is when it comes down to pulling the cards. How we each just know when it's our time to shuffle or cut or flip over the cards. We don't talk about it before or after, we just let the energy flow through us as it chooses.

I've written before about how open to interpretation astrology, tarot and the like is. How much you give is how much you receive! The spiritual realm is interpreted individually and from a place outside and beyond the intellect.

When we interpret each of the messages, we call upon our existing knowledge and the information we have about the cards, about each of the signs, but mostly from our own inner pull towards our hopes, fears, questions we have, the existing/residual energy surrounding the month itself.

It's been a special and interesting journey doing these monthly readings. I've learned a lot about myself, about the messages I open myself to from the Universe, and about the journey of self-discovery and self-actualization.

What about you? Have you enjoyed our monthly readings? What theme would you like to see us draw on in the coming months?