It's that time of the month my friends! The time when that big, gorgeous orb in the sky is massive and bright and emitting the fullest extent of its energetic vibes towards us tiny little kittens running around the earth going everywhere and nowhere all at once. 

'Be still, my children. All is well,' it seems to tell us, sitting there, unworried, unbothered, calm, in perpetual motion for far longer and already for much longer than any of us could ever hope to comprehend (at least in this karma cycle).

And the one currently happening on November 13/14th 2016 is a big one. A SUPER one, even.

What do you do on the full moon? Where does the moon cycle fit into your awareness?

For us, we use this time to reflect on our deeper, and consequently perhaps, loftier goals and visions. 

Always looking to reconnect to our true purpose; the Moon card in the Tarot is said to represent the subconscious, illusions, feeling and releasing fear, and feeling lost. 

But just as in the darkness fear arises, also arise the things we keep hidden, the things we hold onto so deeply that we bury them in the most tender parts of ourselves only to be illuminated on the rarest occasions (and even then perhaps not fully). 

Are they not the most important things to us that we often lose track of? We fear the unknown, we fear what would happen if we were to put ourselves out there and really go for that dream. We fear being exposed unprepared. We fear not being good enough.

The practice of looking to the moon to reconnect with where you're going is a positive act of consciousness. The more checks and balances you have in your life that bring you back to your Why? the better. Anything that reminds you of the bigger picture and gives you a more solid sense of strength that holds truer than the small sightedness of our egos is a good thing to look for (whether it's moon gazing or not!).

Tonight we pulled Tarot cards for your December astrology readings. It's an extra special reading on an extra special day and we're really excited to share your messages next month! It will be our last reading of this kind as we'll be switching to a new format in 2017.

We set the scene with images of paradise, altar candles, Ganesh, crystals, healing stones, a silk scarf for the cards and all of our directed energy. And under the light of this auspicious super moon, we asked for a message for each of the signs for the month of December focused on bringing more consciousness into the world around us.

Today and every day, what can you do to be more conscious?