A little over a year ago Nico and I were in the middle of Europe, (the Canary Islands, if I recall correctly), and we were talking about our dreams.

More specifically, we were talking about how long, difficult, often obscure and sometimes fruitless it feels to be pursuing a career in the Arts (with a capital A). We had been giving this whole thing a go, as a visual artist and a writer, respectively, for a number of years now and both of us were feeling quite rotted about the pain and the suffering; not the pain and suffering related to a lack of resources or income, but to the feeling that this is what we have to do. 

Neither of us woke up one day and said to ourselves, "Hey! Maybe it would be fun to try and become a successful artist!" not in the slightest. No, instead it has been - and I'm sure you have also experienced this in some respect or another - a rather heart-wrenching playing with meaning, existence and creation. Both of us know in our heart of hearts that the "easy" way of getting a "real" job (if that even exists on this earth) is not written in our stars.

On that night spent in our hotel room spread out on the floor drawing and scribbling and listening to music and talking about everything, we both said for the millionth time, that there is no path other than forward, and no path other than the creative one for us.

And soon after The Kitten Life was born out of our self-proclaimed "kitten" status of that time spent in Europe; an expression most often used as a verb. For example, "we were kittening around Barcelona" or, "we kittened away from those boys" (watch our kittening in action in the movie above). We built this site as an outlet for both of our respective creative tendencies to allow us to create in the silliest or most profound or most anything way we wanted, just for ourselves.

And now, a year later, fuelled by the absolutely humbling support of you, dear reader, we've created our first two pieces of merchandise; a patch and a pin, designed by us and manufactured in the UK.

We created these groovy accessories as a way for you to show off your bubbly kitten status and your champagne taste, while supporting our creative endeavours. You can shop now here.

Cheers to new beginnings and to many more years and karma cycles of creativity.