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May is here! One of the most beautiful, luscious, warm months of the year. Things are starting to heat up, flowers and crops are blooming, and the grocery store is finally full of crisp, gorgeous produce. Walking through the aisles between the strawberries, mangoes, arugula, avocado, red, yellow and green peppers, my mind cartwheels through the endless possibilities and combinations that exist for turning these gems into scrumptious culinary masterpieces. 

This month, we paired your tarot card readings with ideas for how you can use the fresh food of May to take advantage of the energy the Universe has for you. 

So eat up, astro-kitties! 

Aries (March 22 to April 20 ) - The Lovers

Harmony, unity, partnership. The urge for union will colour your month with strong energy pulling you towards bonding with another. I have a number of strong Aries people in my life and always think of your fiery tenacity, strong boundaries, and ability to put yourself before all else, no matter the backlash. It’s interesting to see all the cards you’ve pulled this year and consider the messages the Universe has been sending you - wholeness, unity, bonding, connectedness, to another. The Lovers is a beautiful, romantic, sensual card, and the stars have aligned for you to take full advantage this month as Spring (and hopefully your bed!) begins to heat up. Reflect on the bonds you have in your life, with lovers and otherwise, and ask yourself, “Am I doing all that I can to open myself up to strengthening my relationships with others?” If the Universe’s consistent message for you this year has been that all aspects of your inner and outer world will improve if you do, is it not worth going beyond making an effort and turning this into an aspect of your being? Questions for you to ponder my rammy-aries-kitten…

With the abundance of springtime comes strawberries. Eat them for a natural teeth whitener and antioxidant, but even better, cover them in chocolate and feed them to your a lover, washing it down with flutes of champagne! Dark chocolate is an aphrodisiac, so double your sexiness and pleasure (plus all the antioxidants, right???). Celebrate the romance of spring by squeezing a lover’s juicy berries, and having them squeeze yours.

Taurus (April 22 to May 20) - The Ten of Swords

Despite what your initial reaction at pulling a card such as the Ten of Swords may be, the perceived “negativity” of it quickly dissolves when you take a step back from the pain of the image and turn it into a learning opportunity. There are no “good” tarot cards or “bad” tarot cards; there is really no weight to the tarot at all if you choose to ignore its messages, or not to believe in them. But if you do choose to believe, your strength lies in relating the messages channeled through the tarot from the Universe and applying them to your everyday life for the betterment of yourself and your fellow kittens.

Relating to your month ahead, if you've reached a plateau or hit bottom in terms of your health or other positive habits, don’t be too hard on yourself! You toiled and worked yourself to the quick last month and maybe went too far. This card represents a problem that’s more in your mind than in your reality. The turning point is here, should you choose to pull yourself up by your bootstraps and do the work necessary to make it happen. Being a bull-headed Melodramatic Melanie will keep you stuck - which may be fun if you like picturing yourself as the victim and seeking martyrdom in your head, but let’s be real - you’re a Taurus, you’ve got bigger ambitions than that, and you’ve got the power to make it happen.

Reward yourself at the end of meals with a healthy dessert such as chia pudding, avocado chocolate mousse, or a bowl full of fresh fruits. Satisfy your need to indulge and fill and overeat, but do it healthily and you’ll reverse the negative trend and start to move forward.

Gemini (May 21 to June 21) - Nine of Pentacles

If there’s anything I love about pulling the heart-wrenching Tower Card, it’s the rebuilding and new inner strength one is rewarded with if they manage to pull through. And what better card to pull after the wake has settled from two months of disruptive Major Arcana cards? 

The Nine of Pentacles is one of my favourite cards in the deck, featuring a beautiful woman enjoying the harvest of her rolling fields full of blooms. Her message is one of being able to afford high quality things - not just having pentacles to play with, but pentacles to use to satisfy your exquisite taste, that you yourself have earned. Your qualities of independence and self-reliance are at the forefront this month and paying dividends. Invest in your health! You can afford the very best - remember, you vote with your lifestyle choices. Think organic versus Wal-Mart. Reject the lowest part of you that wants to default to environment-killing companies, products and services, and embrace your higher calling, even if it means spending more. 

This month eat pomegranates, like the ones looking so juicy on the Nine of Pentacles card. Pomegranates are full of antioxidants, they’re literally nature’s ruby drops of gold. The symbol of health, fertility, eternal life. The choices you make towards your health today have effects in the long-term. You vote with your lifestyle choices

Cancer (June 22 to July 22) - Queen of Cups

In Queen/King card pairings, the opposite elements of men and women are present - yin and yang. Not that you pulled them together, but the action-oriented nature of last month’s King of Swords card comes in energetic opposition to this month’s Queen of Cups. All court cards come with powerful messages of strength and encouragement for the querent, but it’s interesting to think about how the dynamics compliment our inner and outer lives. 

This month, Moonchild, you’ll be seeking to regain emotional fluidity and expressing your love for both your fellow kittens and the earth. The Queen of Cups is the female embodiment of the highest qualities of the water suit (the emotional realm), so draw on her strength when faced with difficult situations or people. The emotionless stand you may have had to submit yourself to last month when the King of Sword’s energy was telling you to act… now you can be as emotional as you want. It may sound obvious, but the Universe wants you to drink water. All the water. So much water. And then drink more! Try to get at least 4 litres a day into your watery body this month to flush out your system and keep you connected to the calm strength of your emotions.

Leo (July 23 to August 22) - The Moon

The Universe only has one message for you this month Leo - get lots of sleep. Lots and lots and lots of sleep. High quality sleep to rest your big cat bones and find the energy needed to dig deep so that the Universe’s hidden messages for you may be revealed. As you sleep, let your subconscious weave your dreams and the moon guide you towards the path you’ve been hoping for, but suppressing with fear of… fear of what? Well, only you really know, Leo, and hopefully this month you’ll find the strength to face it. 

The moon rules the tides, your menstrual cycle, and the subconscious. Eat spinach, dried apricots and sunflower seeds to keep your iron levels high. Then sleep some more. 

Virgo (August 23 to September 22) - The Knight of Cups

Take a moment to ponder last month's opening you had for love, how did it manifest for you? 

This month you pulled the Knight of Cups, the knight of love and emotions… taken to the extreme. Think about the honeymoon period of any new relationship where everything seems perfect and you bend over backwards to avoid or ignore anything less than pleasant. As a Virgo, you’re generally practical, modest and intelligent, so check your emotions for signs of irrationality.  

To help balance your hormones and avoid spikes in your emotions (feeling crankier than usual lately?), switch out caffeine with camomile tea this month. Easier said than done of course, I'd be the first to groan at that request, but the Universe doesn’t just give these messages because it wants to make your life more difficult than normal. Even just reducing your caffeine intake will help you navigate the emotional twists and turns your month has in store.

Libra (September 23 - October 22) - The Hermit

If you freed your creativity last month, were able to move your energy in an artistic, or more free-flowing way, did you find that you were left with feelings that there’s more to life than what you’ve been getting from your current path? Are your current pursuits feeling a bit empty/superficial? Do you have more questions than you have answers (don’t we all though)?

You’re generally a light, practical, easy-going person, Libra, so these pinpricks of uncertainty may not be sitting well with you. The Hermit card you pulled points to a time of introspection and reflection, guided by the highest version of yourself, by yourself. Spend a weekend at home and make a large batch of soup, something you can eat all weekend without having to leave the comfort of your kitten castle. Make it from scratch with healthy, in-season ingredients and take your time with the process to enjoy and fill yourself spiritually before filling yourself physically with delicious, delicious vitamins and minerals. Reflect on what may be bothering you. Let yourself feel it, go inside, instead of trying to push away the thoughts. You may not find the answers, but you may just find your way back onto the path. 

Scorpio (October 23 to November 21) - The King of Swords

You love to indulge, Scorpio-kitty! You’re also fierce, direct, secretive, confident and vengeful. The King of Swords embodies all the positive aspects of your powerful sign, and you’d be wise to take his lessons to heart this month. The King of Swords is the master of the ethical, action-oriented realm. He is the most fair of all rulers, his moral compass never wavers, and he handles every situation with honour, and for that he holds the respect and admiration of everyone around him. 

All this to say - you want to live your life your way, indulging in all the carnal pleasures of the world as often as you can. And though I would be the last to tell you to put the reigns on that sort of behaviour, the Universe is asking you to take a step back this month and consider the bigger picture of your existence and the many different ways that exist to handle situations. 

Remember to eat green vegetables twice a day to help clean and renew your system. Get all the vitamins and minerals you need before you indulge. Make big salads with lots of kale, arugula, spinach. This month is about reestablishing your baseline.

Sagittarius (November 22 to December 21) - The Seven of Swords

Hmmm… Do you feel like running away from commitment? Trying to shirk responsibilities? Offloading blame and work in a totally unnecessary and immoral way? Your message from last month was to have fun with balance, but the constant seeking for balance can be difficult! Maybe you’re exhausted from trying to be just and good and moral all the time. Maybe this month you’ll find yourself in a position that you don’t feel you can fully commit to in terms of time or money or resources if you also need to stay balanced - maybe you want to sneak away, or cut corners, or maybe someone else is urging you to and you’re finding it hard to resist the temptation. The seven of swords is a sneaky sneaky card that also points to the possibility of someone trying to pull one over on you. If you don’t resonate with the feelings of avoidance mentioned above, stay on your toes this month because the message is that someone is being two-faced and looking to make your life difficult.

It might sound clichéd, but breakfast really is the most important meal of the day. If you’re finding your day to day life difficult and taxing and you’re looking to maneuver your way out of it, do what you need to do to prepare in advance; chop up your fruit the night before, make your own granola in bulk once a week, soak chia seeds in almond or coconut milk overnight. Do what you need to so you don’t skip it, and maybe the lesson will flow over into your daily interactions as well as your inner world. Because you’re a straight-shooter and a Moralizing Melanie, Sagittarius, and sooner or later it’s going to eat you up inside if you don’t take the highest path.  

Capricorn (December 22 to January 20) - The Queen of Wands

Another month of moving and shaking, getting things done, pushing forward. But this month, rather than seizing an opportunity, it’s about using the Queen of Wand’s energy to be upbeat, consistently positive and cheerful. She’s grounded, intelligent, and has the amazing ability to make shit happen - just like you Capricorn! If you were ever doubting your abilities, the Queen of Wands is the best card you could have pulled to serve as your inspiration this month, drawing on her image of health, confidence and deep faith in her own abilities.

Get a variety of root vegetables and make something robust that will power your days. Pumpkin pasta is one of our favourites, or roasted chestnuts, yams, butternut squash and garlic, drizzled with olive oil and rosemary. 

Aquarius (January 21 to February 18) - The Page of Swords

A challenge will present itself this month, so get your gameface on! You were a successful water-bearer last month riding on the laurels of your success, how interesting that this month you’ll be tested. The message from the Universe is to accept this/these challenge(s) with steadfast ethics, never wavering from your strong moral compass. 

So why not add to the challenge by making a commitment to eating all raw veggies (and raw fish, if you need to) for a day this month, or one day every week, or for a full week, whatever you most align with. Replace your coffee with kombucha, and drink lots of water. You’ll find yourself better prepared mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually for the unexpected challenges life often presents you with when you have the habit of doing things such as fasting, meditating, or, for this month, semi-regular diet cleanses. 

Pisces (February 19 - March 20) - The Seven of Pentacles

The Seven of Pentacles is a sort of “pause” card, an opportunity for inner reflection, space for evaluating, and a serious inquiry for where you’re headed. Giving yourself that internal pat on the back and space to breath for a moment is just as important as getting outside recognition. But don’t stop working, that’s not the point (even though this card also points to a time of reward and results), jot down your ideas for moving forward as there is no better time than now to go in a new direction if you’ve been playing with the idea.

This month, try to grow something edible. Wheat grass, tomatoes, lettuce or kale, chives. If you don’t have the space to grow something, try making your own bread. Make your participation in the slow, intentional process of growing your food your meditation this month.