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Ok my fine whiskered kitten friends, it’s time to get real about the Now.

Tax season is around the corner (getting excited?) and with messages of poverty, ill-health and lack coming up from the Universe, it’s time to take a good long look at your financial situation and your health-related habits - while keeping a smile on your face.

The Two of Pentacles is one of our favourite cards, albeit the most obvious message in the deck: playing with balance.

It's all about infusing playfulness into rockier days. Finding joy in sadness, pleasure in pain, richness in poverty. This card is light and fun: a Page juggles his pentacles with a smile, as sail boats in the distance easily navigate large waves. The scene is warm and glowing, haloed with blue skies.

We think of the times we were able to keep our cool when a boss or a client rained hellfire on our lives for no reason, or when we smiled and nodded as we were led through the bureaucratic hell of applying for a visa, or health care, or making an insurance claim. These wonderful situations that life has no shortage of, yet we simply have no choice but to add them to the balance of our present moment reality.

Pulling the Two of Pentacles is like infusing a dose of Nowness into any situation. An enjoyable, yet sobering relativization of the moment where you have no choice but to ground yourself with the fact that the only way through is through.

I know we’re still a month away from the start of tax season, but that’s the most relevant example of one such situation that comes to mind, especially being pulled along with the Five of Pentacles. Anything involving taking a necessary look at one’s financial situation can be difficult because there’s almost always room for improvement.

For us personally, before pulling the cards for March, we were contemplating our own artistic endeavours within the larger space of being a person living the world. Is it possible to get a manuscript written or the most important piece of your life painted, while also being a social cat and going deeper in your romantic partnership? Is it possible to run errands, eat healthy, exercise regularly and call your parents once in a while, while also writing a book or focusing on a new painting?

Overflow gently - don’t drown.
— Albert Camus
five of pentacles, rider waite, susan miller, the kitten life, march 2018 astrology, zodiac, monthly horoscope

On the flip side, the Five of Pentacles is also a sobering card to pull, but for opposite reasons.

Feeling great? A sickness or injury could be on the horizon. Feeling good about your money situation? A shitty reason to dip into your savings may come up this month. Feeling steady? A big dose of rejection will knock you out of your flow.

Sticking to our most practical advice for this card, be sure to spend extra time stretching and warming up before you do physical activity this month. If you're somewhere cold and icy, be careful when you step outside, and wear your grippiest boots. Do not ignore tooth aches, or other physical ailments and get thee to a doctor. Treat your body like the temple it is and refuse to take it for granted!

On the topic of finances, set aside some serious time this month to asses your savings and investment strategy. Spend the afternoon day dreaming about your ideal Kitten Castle, and then consider what you need to do to map your spending habits to achieve it.

Above all, do not shun the light of the world around you - especially when things get tough.

When we're hit with financial woes, physical ailments, or rejection, we swing into a phase of lack. We feel lack in our surroundings, in our relationships, our inner selves, our outer shells. It's easy to forget the absolute incredibleness of being alive, when our every waking moment is plagued by pain and upset. 

Likewise, when we shift too far to one side or the other - whether in terms of positive behaviours like working on yourself, or negative behaviours like spending 48 hours in bed binge-watching Netflix - we forget the message of our Playful Page and eventually consequences begin to manifest.

Nothing is absolute,
everything changes,
everything moves,
everything revolutionizes,
all flies and goes.
— Friday Kahlo

Balance. Balance. Balance.

We love every single one of you kitties who visits our blog, and we want nothing more than to rejoice! with each and every one of you through our actions and thoughts this month.