We have been living in the Montreal version of our kitten castle for almost three months now.

The space - a beautiful, second floor, 2 bedroom apartment in Montreal's Plateau neighbourhood - is everything we could possibly hope for in a creative space.

We chose this apartment because of the studio space, the warmth of the neighbourhood, the balcony, and the gorgeous exposed-brick walls (perfect for hanging Nico's paintings) and hardwood floors (perfect for doing yoga on).

On a Saturday night in late August 2016 we recorded ourselves getting tipsy off of Quebec microbrews and placing objects that carry importance to us onto our work table. You can watch the video of the silliness that resulted above.

A bowl full of sharpies,  an ounce of weed, The Brother's Karamazov, Buddha statues (Tibetan and Chinese), scratch cards, the cork from a champagne bottle - all the things necessary to the kitten life.

What are the things important to you?

What can you not live without?

What do you think about the thought process and energy we often place on material object?