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Reading the Tarot is rarely a straightforward event.

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Cards can come reversed, get stuck in the box, or even to another card and found after the "official" reading.

Or, as in the case this month, a special card can fall out on its own while you're shuffling the deck before cutting it.

The Strength card made a decisive and happy appearance while we were shuffling: falling out of the deck and landing face up.

Strength is the 8th card in the Major Arcana, representing "soft" control, patience, compassion and influence/leadership.

But before we get to the energy she brings, the main card we pulled this month for your message is the Page of Cups.

Whether through an actual person, or through an opening/opportunity, the Page of Cups brings us a dreamy opportunity from the love realm (marriage, birth, union, etc.), and prompts self-reflection. 

Consider the energy of the figure on the card: a youthful/childlike figure smiling, happy, head in the clouds, who – to his great delight – scoops up a fish in the cup he'd dipped into the water hoping for a refreshing drink. 

Relating this metaphor to ourselves, know that a message/messenger is coming!

Be ready for the appearance of a new talent, business opportunity, or love; the sort of "happy accidents" that manifest out of nowhere. 

strength, tarot, rider waite, astrology, july horoscope, susan miller

For our fishy friend to appear with the Strength card is telling of what “angle" you should take. 

Approaching this dreamy opportunity dreamily isn't what the Universe is suggesting will be the best use of this special message. 

Rather, focus on grounding your energy. 

An interesting form of strength, "soft strength” transcends/overcomes severity/force, instead leading with mercy, compassion, determination and responsibility. 

The fish in the cup is a gift from the subconscious/unconscious realm - Strength asks you to have the control to bring it up to the conscious realm: the realm of where you can use it in a sustainable, practical way.

We want to know how this manifests for you over the month! Email us, or comment below how you experience this energy in the coming days and weeks.