Hello Kittens!

Let us be super honest with you - our intentions are pure! We are not astrologers, nor mystics, nor enlightened, nor do we pretend to be (though we are also all of these things combined). Believing in the stars, in the moon, in the universe is more about being connected than fortune telling.

It’s about starting a dialogue and giving a voice to your sub-conscious, the voiceless guide in your heart.

Our monthly reading of the stars draws on our interest in the Tarot and our interactions with the people of the world born under the 12 signs of the zodiac.

Sitting down drinking our hundredth refill of diner coffee at The Templeton on Granville street in Vancouver, we pulled a card for each of the signs to frame the advice the Universe has for you this month. It’s not that you haven’t done any of this stuff before, it’s about a reinvestment of your energy into a direction more true to your essence. And in the case that you haven’t, it’s a good time to try something new and open up a part of yourself you didn’t know you had access to - and your year is only bound to get better.

Aries begins the year with The World card. A nice symmetry of the ending and beginning of years - moments of time made significant in our minds. The World is the last card in The Fool’s Journey - the culmination of a human’s moral and spiritual trajectory. Creation and destruction. Beginnings and endings. Coming full circle. Wholeness. Hey you Miss Rammy Ram! Miss Go go go running into the walls. This month the Universe urges you to meditate - as often or as little as it pleases you - but take the time to stop everything and just sit. Bring all the different elements of your mind together into harmony, focus on the wholeness that is the world. The most enlightened person knows that they contain everything and the world contains them. Remember that you can take time to stop, and then actually do it.

What a curious pairing of messages! This month, Taurus, you’re a sneaky cat who pulled the seven of swords and needs to take a pledge of sobriety. Don’t take it heavily onto your shoulders on your own - that’s not what this is about. It’s about having the conversation, whether it’s with yourself or with someone close to you who could use a break from drinking themselves to sleep. Make it easier on yourself to follow through on a day, a week, a month of sobriety by asking someone for help (oh, we know that’s your least favourite thing to do, you stubborn toro you). It doesn’t need to be alcohol - Facebook or smoking are good habits to quit for a minute. But see if you can do it at the beginning of the year, don’t try to sneak out of it just because you know you can! Don’t be stubborn and reach out to someone to go on the journey with you.

Gemini, this month is about bridging the gap between you and your mum. You’re not necessarily the first person to dig deep and be an emotional kitty cat, but this month the universe is urging you to reach out and tell your mum you love her. If you don’t have a mum, think about someone in your life who is a caregiver or who has provided for you in a maternal way. No matter what happens/happened, forgive yourself as she has forgiven you. Moms are the best people in the world to cheer you up, to ground you - they’re literally your biggest fan no matter what may have transpired between the two of you over the years. The Six of Swords suggests that you’re at a place in your life where you’re feeling despair, ambivalence, disconnected. Therefore having a conversation with your mum is the best way to release some shit and get your year moving in a better direction. 

Cancer, this month you are urged to get outside of the shell you’ve put around yourself and your immediate family unit and go hang out with some children or elderly people in your extended community.  Get outside of yourself and your emotions (which can often be excessively introverted) - it’s not about you but it’s about what you can give to others. You pulled the Knight of Cups, a sensitive soul who has a tendency for being crushed by melodrama. Knights are setting out on a journey - maybe you'll feel like you can’t relate, but when you put yourself into new scenarios with new people who aren’t necessarily your peers, you gain a huge benefit by removing fear and defensiveness and gaining tolerance and a broadened sense of community. You already have a great relationship with your immediate circle, start the year by branching out and challenging yourself to open up to new relationships. 

Leo’s are generous, luscious, fancy cats. You love indulging in delicious 5-star meals but you're not the type of person to ever cook them yourself. This month you pulled the Ace of Pentacles, a card focused on using material energy in a practical, focused way in order to increase abundance. While you love to share and be around good company and conversation, the Universe is urging you to make a home-cooked meal with your very own lion paws to share with loved ones or people you want to get to know better. You love being in the spotlight, and being in charge of making a meal, the whole evening will revolve around you and your talents. We know you can do it, although it’s not your favourite thing, and chances are you’ll get some networking in at the same time that will help your endeavours this year. 

Oh, Virgo! Let the Empress’s mother-love energy guide you on a month of sexual healing. Virgo people are incredibly in-tune with the needs of others and taking care of people who need a pick-me-up. This month, channel the mother, the sensual life bearer, and have a sexual experience every day, even if you don’t necessarily want to. Either with a partner or by yourself, sex is one of the best (and most pleasurable) ways you can learn to be more comfortable in your body and increase your self-confidence. Some people refuse themselves or their partner sex in a strange power game, and that is an unhealthy way to treat your body and urges. Sex isn’t crass or dirty - it’s natural, organic and the most beautiful expression of human love and the closest you can get to God, to the Universe, to Union. Me-ow!

As a Libra, you're a peace-seeker and know the benefit of giving back to the Earth, but sometimes it’s not easy to remember and laziness often means you don’t do the things you know you should. The energy of the Four of Swords is about preparing and contemplating a better way. When it comes to recycling (your action for January) do an audit of your existing system and make whatever changes you need to that will make it easy and take out any question of non-action. This initial effort will pay off! Is there someone in your life who could use information on recycling? Is it a mess in your building? Reflect on the benefits and help create a system for the long term. You love being around other people but often those relationships are superficial, use recycling and Earth love to connect on a deeper level and set good intentions for the year.

Scorpio’s are loyal and passionate people, but also unyielding and suspicious. The eight of swords suggests that you’re currently feeling trapped, lost and alone, and the Universe suggests that the way to get out is to be in touch with your family. Have you not reached out to them because of some silly tiff? Cut off your bindings and take the first step. when you get angry, you get really angry, and your pride often gets in the way of healing. Challenge yourself to make the first move. Emails are great if you don’t want to lose your shit on the phone or in person. Send out an olive branch to at least get some weight off your chest and free yourself for the new year. If you’re already in close contact with your family, reach out to a relative you haven’t spoken to in a long time. You’ll be surprised by how freeing a simple act of love can be.

Sagittarius people are knowledgeable, fact-driven, and straightforward, but often unemotional, argumentative and blunt. The Page of Wands is an excellent card that bring opportunities for passion and creative expression and gives you all the courage you need. This month, get out into a new community and spend some time in a place of worship - broaden your mind about what it means to worship, what it means for humans to be in communion. If you’re a straight shooter, being in a totally new religious environment can be uncomfortable but know that you have something to learn. If you’re a creative person, the Page of Wands is a seriously inspiring card for starting new creative endeavours. Use a place of worship to meditate on your ideas or draw inspiration. 

Hey there Capricorn! It’s so fitting that the figure on the Nine of Swords is in a bed, and your task for this month is to not let the electronic realm dictate your peace in reality. Sleep is so important, and more and more people are not honouring their time of rest by keeping their phone and other electronics close to their bed. We all have negative cords plugged into our souls through our phones, and technology is an additional way of relating to people which can cause stress. Everyone is in the same position and you can’t let it ruin your peace of mind. you tend to be one of the most logical signs, and maybe it’ll stress you out not to look at your email before bed, but this is about letting go and nurturing you. Nobody needs your time, energy and affection more than you do. Make the commitment to not look at your phone at least 30 minutes before bed, and don’t make it the first thing you do in the morning. Sit and enjoy your coffee or tea in silence, opening up your mind to possibilities and reflect on how vast and beautiful the Universe is. 

Spend some time alone in your room, Aquarius, going through your possessions and deciding what you really need and want to move forward with this year. You’re a humanitarian - donate what you don’t, or rarely use. There are people in the world who can make excellent use of the things you have lying around. Spend some time thinking about the impact buying things has on the world/environment beyond yourself, and then throughout the coming year really think about whether or not you need more. Embrace the energy of the Hermit to do this on your own and trust in yourself. Aquarian people generally don’t like being lonely, or in dull or boring situations, but the Hermit card is more about opening yourself to your inner wisdom and seeking guidance from your essence, rather than relying on the opinions and biased suggestions from others (and the influence of marketing and the buy buy buy! attitude of consumerism).

Pisces, what sort of energy do you want in your life? You’re super empathetic, compassionate, gentle and intuitive. But you carry so much of this energy you pick up from others on your shoulders. Let it go by forgiving someone; to their face or just in your heart. The Two of Swords is a card of stalemates and truth avoidance. And the truth is that we’re all here together and the resentment you carry for other people you carry it. Even if it’s about someone else who genuinely disrespected you or let you down, it’s you who carries it, you emotional cat fish! Start your year off right by making the decision to let go. Forgive and move forward light and free.