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Ines and I sat down to chat over tea in Montreal’s Bar Darling, a quaintly decorated local haunt for the city’s most creative.

Our conversation centred on personal development, business savvy, and how to go about living a happy, healthy and whole life - through an esoteric lens. Things took an interesting turn when Justin Bieber’s natal chart was brought into discussion, specifically in terms of how it conveys the archetype of Jesus Christ; but Ines’ philosophy on astrology and healing is anything but superficial.

After experiencing what she describes as the lowest point in her life - a year spent battling eczema that covered her entire body, compounded by a low point financially, emotionally and spiritually - Ines emerged through the other end having found The Path.

It was beautiful to see Ines’ face light up when she spoke about the shedding of our emotional hang-ups, negative mental patterns, and hard-lined conditioning that keeps so many of us stuck in cycles of disease, stress and exhaustion. She knows that everyone is capable of finding fulfillment, and that our current purpose is to focus all of our love and attention on that purpose, so that we can then turn our learning outwards to the collective, and to those who need help finding their own way.

Ines believes that one must come to personal enlightenment before we can raise the collective consciousness.

She is no stranger to the dismissive remarks of those who believe that personal development is a load of crock, and though she knows these people could use her guidance and healing (we all could!), her current role as a teacher to those who are open to it is more than fulfilling.

And there are many such people around the world who have come to her for Reiki and Ayurvedic healing sessions, to have their natal charts read (for themselves, or as a couple), or for personalized flower essence therapy.

She currently creates and ships custom blended flower essences to help you “break through destructive emotional patterns that cause mental anguish and behavioural problems,” and does healing sessions and astrology sessions in person in Montreal, or via Skype.

Not sure where to start? You can always pick up one of her Zodiac Blends on the Ines Heals online shop which is tailored to the emotional needs of your sign (choose one for your Sun, Moon or rising!). 

You can connect with Ines via her website, Facebook and Instagram.

The Kitten Life Questionnaire x Ines Heals

1. What is your present state of mind?

Calm and relaxed! Enjoying my last hour of nighttime before I fold into bed.

2. What’s your sign? 

Aquarius Sun, Aquarius Rising, Pisces Moon.

3. What is your favourite vice?

I actually adore virtues and try to be as virtuous as possible! But if I had to pick a favourite vice it would be overindulgence in sweet foods and just general laziness.

4. Puppies or kittens?


5. What is your most prized possession? 

This is a tough question for me!! I’m not very materialistic but there are a few objects that were given to me that hold a lot of sentimental value. One is a painting that my first love painted and gave to me. It has occupied wall space in every one of my homes since I was 19! Wouldn’t be home without it.

6. If you could be any plant what would you be?

ANY plant? I would definitely be a tree. A linden tree.

7. What is your idea of perfect happiness?

There are things that I long for that I have yet to attain but I still experience many moments of perfect happiness. Once I have achieved a certain amount of success and have built a strong foundation for myself, I will be very happy. I am also very much looking forward to being a mother and having a family. As I grow older I am becoming more and more traditional like that. A happy marriage and a home that is filled with love and prosperity- that is perfect happiness.

8. What’s the first thing you would buy if you moved into a new space?

A beautiful rug! And a vacuum cleaner, naturally.

9. What is your favourite colour?

I am unconsciously always buying clothing that is a camel tan type colour. All varieties of camel, dusty gold, mustard tan, soft ochre, that’s my jam.

10. If you could teleport at exactly this moment, where would you go?

Definitely I would visit my father in Serbia!

11. What’s your recurring dream/nightmare?

I can’t say I have any recurring dreams these days but when I was younger I had a recurring dream of being thrown into water and being very afraid until I realized that I could breathe under water.

12. What piece of art has made an impression on you?

It would have to be one of Schiele’s erotic drawings. Can’t say exactly which one has had the greatest impact, but the collection of them have had a very strong presence in my life.

13. What’s the most romantic experience you’ve had?

I’m sitting here thinking, what is romance? In my current relationship I don’t know what moment to choose from! I think moments of romance are only something you recognize in hindsight. The whole thing of love is romance.

14. What is the smell of sex?

I can’t say I associate a particular smell to sex! But I do associate the presence of angels and the most transcendent of life experiences to sex!

15. What do you wish you could relive?

I wish that I could relive the happy moments of my childhood. I don’t remember hardly anything from when I was a child but there must have been a few good things in there; I’d like to revisit what that felt like.

16. What is consciousness?

Consciousness is the very fabric of space-time. Within each individual, it is the seed of the Divine animated by one’s experiences. It is the spirit that brings life to matter.

17. Who do you most admire?


18. What is your advice for future generations?

Believe in yourself and stay true to your purest inner nature. Everything else is an illusion.

19. What is the meaning of life?

It is to learn how to love and how to accept love unconditionally. It is to participate in self-realization, to serve other beings, to offer them guidance on the path, and to be a vehicle for the Divine through the fabric of manifest reality.

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