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Meow, meow, meow, meowwwww!!!!

On 4/20, the two kitten princesses running the show here at The Kitten Life headed over to Vancouver’s Chinatown to kitten around the illustrious International Village Mall in search of paradise, aka, Catfé.

[ My word processor’s autocorrect keeps trying to change “Catfé” into “Café” no matter how many times I type it. Siri should have learned by now that everybody wants to be a cat.]

A gorgeous day, the sunshine is streaming in through the windows of the top-floor location they have in the mall, and nothing could be better. The coffee was more than decent (we tried a latte and ameowicanno, pun definitely intended) and their extra large tables provided the perfect workspace for us to do your astrology readings

We spread out our tarot cards and the cats rubbed themselves against our legs, feeling the energy we were channeling from the Universe into their temporary home. When a huge black and white fluff ball jumped on Nico’s lap, we both melted into the floor (check out our instagram for the videos) and only picked ourselves back up when we saw there were like eight other ones who needed our attention. Fluffball pawed at my aptly worn leopard print earrings and curled himself against my stomach, twisting and turning so that I scratched him in all the right places (total kitten!). 

Do you ever wonder about the allure of a place like this? 

Personally, my heart starts beating faster when I think about being in a space full of cats who all want to love and be loved in return (the people who run the joint pick cats from the SPCA based specifically on how friendly and outgoing they are with humans). The love, warmth, cuddles and sunshine were purrrfect

Unconditional love. Unconditional love! 

I don’t want to make the connection, and I know I could use a million different metaphors, but what comes immediately to mind are strip clubs (ok, ok, strip clubs are often on my mind, so it wasn’t that big a leap). A place where you don’t have to make the commitment of bringing home such a perfect being, with all their wants and needs and demands for handbags and high heels. You just get to touch. Enjoy a couple beverages, be in the middle of their energy, and then leave it all behind with a light heart and lighter wallet. 

Being able to act in a safe way on a vice, or need or impulse to touch something soft, be around something that loves you unconditionally (as long as you pay for it and don’t get too clingy), is that not a great thing? 

I think about how badly I want a kitten of my own, but how selfish it would be to make that commitment, or rather, not be able to make that commitment at this point in my life when I move cities every few months. Neither fair on the animal, nor the people in my life who would I’d have to wrangle into taking care of it for me when I’m out of town. 

Same with strippers. Instead of harassing women and touching them when they’ve not given you permission, or trying to expedite or force yourself into an unideal relationship, why not pay someone who is willing to do so? 

Thank you Catfé! Thank you strip clubs of the world! Thank you kittens for existing!