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This month the Universe wants you to be, think and act in a watery, restful, low-low-energy-accumulation sort of way.

Under the oppressively crushing heat of Palm Beach, Florida and Barcelona, Catalunya, we pulled two dreamy cards for your August.

The Page of Cups represents the subconscious mind and the emotional treats that spring up when you're in tune with this part of yourself. In the image depicted on this card in the Rider-Waite deck, we see our happy Page camper having just dipped his cup into the sea, and pulled out a fish by surprise. We can think of this synchronistic event as representing the magic that goes on in our innermost, deepest subconscious mind.

It's about being open to experience, rather than closed, one-tracked, not letting distractions get in, and generally unaware of the undercurrent of magic that exists throughout our daily lives, even in our own heads - oftentimes especially in our own heads.

Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.
— The Buddha
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August is a month of integration.

The Four of Swords, quite obviously, is about contemplation, rest, and waiting.

We're over one half of the year into 2018: what have you learned so far? What lessons have been most prominent in your life? What keeps coming up that you haven't learned yet?

Whether it's in the realm of money, love, creative pursuits, career, relationships: what have you overcome this year, and what haven't you?

August is going to be all about low, low energy, hot hot heat. Use the time to reflect.  It's going to be a month of good, settled, inspired, magical, droopy, starry-eyed sort of energy. 

We want you to go deep in August, but in a soft, non-active, yin sort of way. It's a special time of year that we can consider as a calm break before the active movement of back-to-school energy waiting for us in September.

We'll be here, napping and dreaming and meditating and reflecting, and we hope you'll give yourself the space to do the same.

In August 2016 Nicole created some beautiful kaleidoscope/mantra phone wallpaper graphics for readers of The Kitten Life. Click here to check them out and download the one for your astrological sign - or all of them!