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I don’t know about you, but out of all the seasons, tax season is by far my favourite.

Just thinking about the month ahead makes me start sweating tiny yet persistent droplets of the most wonderful variety of anxiety.

All kidding aside, during tax season, and every season for that matter, it’s important to face your problems head on. No matter the tediousness – perceived or real – of any given task, it’s important to do the right thing and get ‘er done properly. Because as we know, karma can be a motherfucker.

The Seven of Swords – one of the most frequently pulled cards during our astrology/tarot readings in 2016 here on The Kitten Life – is a sneaky pants card. Are you being a sneaky pants? Or, can you feel someone in your world trying to sneak up on you?

We’ve got a quarter of the year under our belts, and I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling the heat more than ever, of this swift moving time thing.

But as swiftly moving as time is, what most of us seem to want is meaning and comfort.

And when the magnitude or hopelessness of a task feels like it’s physically crushing us, it’s no wonder that we balk under the pressure and start thinking of ways to circumvent the problem rather than face it properly.

Dropping out of school is a great way to avoid the task of studying. Lying on our tax return is a great way to avoid paying the money we owe the government. Cheating on our partner is a great way to fill a need while avoiding a difficult conversation or heartbreak.

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But look at this guy sneaking away with his swords - he’s only got five of the seven. He’s in such a goddamn rush to get away, he’s willing to leave two of them behind! If only he’d thought a little harder about the long term return, rather than the short, I’m sure he could have walked away with all seven, or six at the very least.

More importantly, he definitely could have figured out a way to get all the swords without having to be a thieving sneak about it.

Be more introspective about why you want the swords in the first place. 

But even more so, be upright in all senses. Lay out the steps you need to take to accomplish whatever it is you need to do and follow them one by one.

Time, people, circumstances are far more forgiving than you think. And you are never, ever alone.

Think about the following affirmations/mantras…

“I have the capacity to do this right the first time.”

“Doing it properly will make it easier in the long run.”

"I have the time, resources and support to move forward in alignment with my highest self."

Knowing you have the power to make it easier and more rewarding in the long run, makes it easier in the short term.

On the flip side, the Seven of Swords can warn us of deceit.

Be careful in your dealings this month and be extra on-guard for those who are waiting to pounce when your back's turned. This might not be a good time to try out a new accountant, or enter into any dealings with people or businesses you haven't worked with before (plus, Mercury turns retrograde April 9th, so it's an extra bad time to launch any new business ventures, buy electronics, sign contracts, etc.).

In conclusion, maybe you've never been audited in your life, or maybe you've passed all your classes by doing the bare minimum, or maybe you've successfully cheated on a partner for years without getting caught, but none of these things mean that it's always going to work out. And more importantly, this is probably not the way you want to be moving through life. If it is… maybe think about why you’ve accepted that path for yourself.

And with that, we wish you a wonderful April filled with patience, compassion, focus and a big-ass tax return!